EMA report hails CA's automation suite “extraordinary vision”

Johannesburg, 06 Dec 2010
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With an ongoing focus on virtualisation and cloud computing, companies are finding they need newer and better IT management solutions. In October, CA Technologies launched the new CA Automation Suite to meet this need.

CA Southern Africa, IT management expert, is supplying and supporting this product suite in the local market.

“No system can run effectively without proper IT management,” says Andrea Lodolo, CTO of CA Southern Africa. “That applies to internal, hybrid or completely outsourced IT environments. The main advantage is the extent to which the IT management processes can be automated. Properly implemented automation can save on time and costs.”

Automation has been a talking point for many years, but a lack of central control and management of whatever automation features were available in individual software components meant that IT departments were unable to take full advantage of automated processes.

“To address this problem, CA has built a complete suite that covers all aspects of automation,” says Lodolo. “The CA Automation Suite handles automation on internal networks, cloud solutions or any combination of the two.

“Previously, there has not been a suite of IT management components to handle the various environments that IT managers have to deal with. CA Automation Suite covers: Virtual Automation (supporting VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Cisco UCS, among others); Workload Automation (scheduling and balancing); Process Automation (including machine and people processes); and Configuration Automation (handling physical or virtual infrastructure and applications).

“These products also include integrated solutions for common needs, like: hybrid clouds, data centres and optimised support for Cisco UCS.”

A recent report from Enterprise Management Associates, a leading US industry analysts company, says the CA Automation Suite shows extraordinary vision in offering a solution that goes beyond siloed automation approaches. The report notes that the suite addresses the needs of progressive companies working with new IT environments.

With the support of a comprehensive IT management solution, automation is no longer difficult to implement or haphazard in operation.

“Obviously, automation confers numerous advantages in efficiency and savings, including both time and money,” says Lodolo. “Historically, the problem has always been achieving a centralised management of different automation features across a wide range of physical and virtual systems.

“CA Automation Suite is built to handle an array of needs a customer might have so they can benefit from reliable IT management, no matter what type of solution they are running.”

IT Management Symposium Africa 2011

CA Southern Africa will host South Africa's foremost conference on IT management on 2 and 3 February 2011.

CA Southern Africa - IT management expert

CA Southern Africa is the sole representative of CA Technologies in sub-Saharan Africa and is a member of the EOH group of companies.

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA) is the world's foremost independent IT management software company. EOH is listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange and is a leading provider of business and technology solutions.

CA Southern Africa utilises international innovation, augmented by locally based exceptional expertise, to simplify IT and unify complex computing environments. The company delivers turnkey solutions to the market through the provision of traditional software based offerings - plus other outcomes-based services - that require little upfront investment or skill.

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