Sagent and Hyperion boost data mart integration

Johannesburg, 26 Oct 1998
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Sagent Technology and Hyperion Solutions have previewed the integration between Sagent`s Data Mart Solution and Hyperion Integration Server. The integration, announced in June, was demonstrated for the first time at Sagent`s booth at the Hyperion Solutions Dimensions `98 International User Conference.

Sagent`s integration with the Hyperion Integration Server simplifies the creation of analytic applications built on Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server from relational data marts. Sagent Data Mart Solution provides a visual programming environment, an extensive library of pre-built functionality, and a processing engine to simplify the task of transforming and moving business data from several disparate sources into an easily accessed star schema-based data mart. Sagent complements the capabilities of Hyperion Integration Server and the performance, scalability and analytical power of Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server.

The integration between Hyperion Integration Server and Sagent Data Mart enables users to transition from Sagent`s environment to Hyperion Integration Server without having to recreate any work. Metadata describing the star schema of the data mart, such as dimensions, facts, and measures, is created as part of the data mart building and population process within Sagent.

This same metadata is required by the Architect component of Hyperion Integration Server. By automatically populating this metadata into the HIS repository from the Sagent repository, the amount of design work required in Hyperion Integration Server is significantly reduced and the overall process is accelerated. Users can then focus on Essbase-specific tasks within the Hyperion Integration Server Builder component. This integration "jump-starts" the overall process of building and deploying a wide range of analytic applications for reporting, analysis, modeling and planning.

"Hyperion Integration Server simplifies the process of deploying Hyperion Essbase analytic applications from relational data sources," says Perry Mizota, VP marketing for Sagent. "This integration lets joint customers easily combine the power of Sagent`s star schema support with the capabilities provided by Hyperion Integration Server."

Sagent Technology is represented in South Africa by 360 Solutions and Hyperion Essbase and associated products by the IBD Group.

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