IBM unveils new platform for secure, frictionless hybrid cloud

Johannesburg, 10 Sep 2021
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Rishi Nirghin, Executive, IBM Systems, IBM Southern Africa.
Rishi Nirghin, Executive, IBM Systems, IBM Southern Africa.

IBM has announced the launch of the IBM Power E1080, the first of the Power10 family of servers for frictionless hybrid cloud.

The IBM Power E1080 server, the first server released based on the IBM Power10 processor, is the most scalable and reliable system with the highest performance per core in the IBM Power10 family of servers.

IBM says the new platform addresses challenges organisations face in being able to move with speed, agility and flexibility while also increasing security.

At an official virtual launch on 9 September, Rishi Nirghin, Executive – IBM Systems at IBM Southern Africa, notes that increasing agility, improving security and resiliency and deriving more value from data are top priorities of enterprises today. The new E1080 server responds faster to business demands, protects data from core to cloud, streamlines insights and automation and maximises availability and reliability.

IBM Power10 provides new enhancements for securing consolidated workloads. IBM Power10-based systems leverage the latest encryption capabilities across hybrid cloud environments. The Power10 processor has the capability to scale with transparent memory encryption, which is designed to simplify and support end-to-end security without impacting performance.

When leveraging an IBM Power10-based server, like the E1080, businesses get more out of their mission-critical workloads. In addition to key IBM software like DB2, Enterprise DB, the E1080 also supports EPIC, SAP and SAP HANA, Oracle and other popular enterprise workloads.

The co-optimised IBM hardware with Red Hat software (like Openshift Container Platform) delivers a frictionless, secure hybrid cloud platform with the ability to scale on demand across the entire infrastructure, while allowing organisations to deploy containers to modernise applications.

The IBM Power E1080 server was designed to be the backbone of a hybrid cloud platform. With the Power10 processor’s ability to support three times the number of containers, the E1080 server also gives 50% greater performance for containerised workloads as compared to the IBM Power E980 server, allowing for seamless deployment of workloads across the hybrid platform as well as faster development of new cloud-native applications.

“This means that cloud-native and containerised applications can be deployed into production faster while operating at a higher level. In addition, on-premises E1080 servers can be connected to IBM Power Virtual Servers co-located with IBM Cloud for a seamless workflow integration that can be managed from a single management console. In Q4, we'll be revealing additional details on how IBM Power Virtual Server and on-premises IBM Power Systems users can continue to build a frictionless hybrid cloud,” said Nirghin.

IBM intends to bring IBM Power10-based servers to the IBM Power Virtual Server environment integrated with IBM Cloud in 2022.

See the replay of the P10 launch here:

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