Why it is time to migrate warehouse equipment to the latest Android OS

As support ends for Windows CE and Windows Mobile, older mobile devices will no longer be receiving updates or patches, making them increasingly vulnerable to security threats. Many businesses are therefore upgrading their hardware to Android devices.

Johannesburg, 22 Apr 2020
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At the beginning of 2020, Microsoft stopped support for Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5, the most common operating systems for the rugged mobile computers used in warehouse or manufacturing environments.

Honeywell, a leading supplier of enterprise mobile computers, has therefore advised that businesses need to put in place a solid plan to migrate or upgrade these devices to the Android platform before they become a liability.

Google has invested heavily in enterprise capabilities across the last several Android versions, and Android Enterprise now features a range of business management functionality and more advanced security defenses, to meet the needs of enterprise clients.

While in the consumer mobile market devices are generally replaced every two to three years, enterprise hardware is expected to last at least five years, if not more.

Because of this, Honeywell has put together Mobility Edge, a unified platform for mobile computing hardware and software, ensuring an extended lifecycle, and enterprise-grade security, for warehouse mobile computers.

Through this programme, Honeywell’s Sentinel Service will provide critical security patches for up to two years beyond Google’s last security patch, giving customers a product lifecycle through at least 2025.

“This is an important consideration for anyone running a warehouse," said Sheldon Vermaak, Solutions Specialist at Cradle Technology Services. “Outdated hardware can be a serious business risk, and negatively affect efficient business operations. Honeywell’s Mobility Edge solution helps mitigate those risks while ensuring hardware longevity.”

As a leading supplier of Honeywell hardware for the warehouse environment, Cradle Technology Services is equipped to support your business with this transition and ensure your devices are up to date, functioning optimally, and secure. 

Cradle Technology Services

Cradle Technology Services is a full-service barcoding solutions company.

First established in 2000 we have 20 years of experience providing barcoding technology to a range of clients across industries and market sizes.

Cradle Technology Services provides barcode scanning, mobile computing and printing hardware. Our solution specialists also offer full project management and consulting services, while our technical teams provide training, technical support, hardware repair, and warranty services.

Cradle Technology Services also supplies a range of barcoding specific labels through our manufacturing division, Labels for Barcoding.

In addition to this, Cradle Technology Services is the South African supplier and implementor of the Granite Warehouse Management System, a barcode-based warehouse management software.

Cradle Technology Services is a technology partner that provides customers with an end-to-end barcoding solution for all their mobile computing, stock and inventory needs. 

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