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Johannesburg, 21 May 2020
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Mandla Ngcobo, CEO of Accelerit.
Mandla Ngcobo, CEO of Accelerit.

An already struggling economy brutally attacked by the coronavirus forces us to shut doors to save lives – where does it leave us with our economy and future financial well-being of businesses?

As Accelerit, we have taken the decision to do our part as best we can in the struggle against this pandemic, which can so easily destroy this economy; more people will suffer the longer we sit back and watch, says Mandla Ngcobo, CEO of Accelerit.

Accelerit opened its doors for business in 2011 and grew a national footprint in South Africa since then. “We have built a robust network with key partners in the industry, which allows us agility and flexibility,” continues Ngcobo.

Since this lockdown began, we have worked with a few of our partners and are proud to present some very strategic yet effective offerings to the market in an attempt to 'do our part', and the end result was an exciting and dynamic Mall Connect product.

Mall Connect is a product designed to cater for all types of businesses operating in malls, from a boutique designer store to the chainstores that operate across the country. A tailored solution on the back of this product enables stores to connect to a private network, which allows secure central management for stock control as well as payment gateways.

Competing in the mall space meant that Accelerit formulates strong partnerships with the backhaul fibre network operators (FNOs) to deliver affordable services without compromising on the quality and integrity of the service.

Being an ISP, which has sought to dominate with innovation, the company's creative thinking has now finally produced fantastic offerings for shopping malls where price matters.

Accelerit has also yet again upgraded its core infrastructure to allow for flexibility and provide adequate bandwidth to comfortably connect business without applying contention ratios or data caps.

“We find it extremely strange that there are businesses in shopping centres that still use and rely on copper (ADSL) as a primary means of connectivity; it baffles the mind when fibre prices have now dropped so significantly, and inversely, speeds, while reliability and availability ever so significantly increased,” added Ngcobo.

Accelerit Mall Connect Broadband links retail from as little as R800 ex VAT onwards, ending at 1 000mbps @ R5 000 ex VAT, and the product is available immediately at over 200 shopping malls nationwide. The reason why we have prioritised shopping malls is because we have realised that they are among the hardest hit due to COVID-19. The product is designed to offer some relief to the store owners, while ensuring superior and enterprise grade quality of service regardless of the size of their operations.

All orders received during lockdown will receive priority installation and will also be switched on at heavy installation discounts. Mall Connect Broadband installation will be completely free if a subscriber is simply migrating their line to Accelerit from another provider.

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