White paper: Eight habits of high gross-margin distributors

Johannesburg, 07 Aug 2019
Read time 1min 10sec

The ultimate goal of most companies is to improve their profit margins, and distributors are no exception. In fact, distributors may focus on this more than manufacturers or retailers, since they effectively connect the two sectors and don’t have the control or influence over raw materials and suppliers that manufacturers and retailers possess.

Distributors are also at the mercy of logistic elements, like transportation costs that fluctuate and impact an already tight gross margin. With increased competition and market pressures, it’s a smart time for distributors to examine what they can do to improve their margins and learn from others that are doing it well.

This white paper will cover the top eight habits that distributors showcase to achieve high gross margins. You may already possess some of these habits. You may find that some are right for your business and others are not. You may have subscribed to some in the past, but they fell out of practice. Whatever the case, we’re hopeful this white paper will serve as a reminder of things you can do – or a confirmation of the things you’re already doing – to help improve your profit margins.

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