Stratus and Velocity Group offer unmatched availability offerings

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Stratus Technologies has signed up to partner with leading South African ICT company, Velocity Group. Velocity Group was started in 2007 with a vision of creating a holistic company to service the corporate market in South Africa and on the African continent. The partnership with Stratus will also include Velocity Group's subsidiary company, Cloud on Demand, a leading cloud distributor and hybrid cloud enablement company.

Velocity Group and Stratus will jointly assist customers who have a requirement for protecting their critical applications from hardware failure, and the resulting business impact and data loss. Together, they will also assist customers with the building of Absolute Availability cloud offerings in response to the availability challenge that cloud computing still faces.

Stratus partners with some of the leading technology providers around the world, and its local reseller community is no exception. Its partners provide customers with software solutions or infrastructure related to business-critical applications, applications that if not available can have an impact on revenue, customer reputation or human lives.

"We are excited to have the Velocity Group join our partner programme. Their diverse skill set, extensive experience and advanced cloud offering aligns exactly with our partnership criteria and means we will be able to offer some unique solutions to customers going forward," says Brendan Widlake, Business Development Executive of Stratus Technologies.

"The ability to deliver Absolute Availability back to business is highlighted as a concern by many of our corporate and cloud customers. The Stratus product offering allows us to expand on the enterprise hardware and software solutions that we already offer and provide an Absolute Availability platform that has a proven track record in exceeding expectations," said Jonathan Kropf, MD of Velocity Group.

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