EMC gives Oracle backups a boost

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EMC gives Oracle backups a boost

EMBEDDED]EMC on Tuesday revealed that it has qualified its Data Domain Boost software for use with Oracle Recovery Manager, allowing data deduplication to take place on Oracle backup servers prior to crossing a storage network, Computerworld writes.

The Data Domain Boost software also allows Oracle database administrators to have direct control of backups and disaster recovery operations.

“As IT environments continue to scale in both size and complexity, we believe application owners will increasingly want more involvement in individual backup and recovery processes,” Rob Emsley, an EMC senior director of product marketing, said in a statement.

EMC estimates that Data Domain Boost can improve Oracle backup performance by up to 50% while lowering LAN bandwidth requirements by up to 99%, Infostor reports.

It also helps lower storage costs by enabling 10x to 30x reductions in backup storage. Oracle servers get a breather, too. CPU load is reduced by 20% to 40% during backup activities, says EMC. Backups race across the network with throughput rates of up to 26.3TB per hour.

The Sacramento Bee quotes Jason Buffington, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group, as saying: “Data Domain Boost integration with Oracle Recovery Manager extends EMC's vision of delivering tightly integrated backup and recovery products that simplify processes and give administrators the flexibility to architect backup infrastructures and processes that suit their organisation's needs.”

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