BI Summit 2022: Enabling data-driven business

Johannesburg, 17 Jan 2022
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In spite of a rough few years brought about by the global pandemic, in all industries, it’s more critical than ever to make data-driven business decisions by harnessing the power of business intelligence (BI).

In fact, the importance of leveraging data has become even more crucial, as the move to remote working has forced significant shifts in how businesses conduct their day-to-day operations, interact with their suppliers and customers and how their employees work.

Looking to glean insights from their data to make better decisions during the remainder of the pandemic and beyond, businesses are continuing to invest in BI and analytics tools and platforms.

However, having access to good data isn’t enough to guarantee good decisions. Although they are spending fortunes on resources and skills, many organisations are still failing to get the most out of their data.

With this in mind, the ITWeb Business Intelligence Summit 2022 will be held as a hybrid event on 8, 9 and 10 March at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton, and online. Themed: “Enabling data-driven business in a post-pandemic world”, the event will unpack what is in store for the BI industry this year.

Data-driven decision-making needs a holistic approach, and the event will cover areas such as how to build an organisational culture centred on data literacy, as well as an infrastructure that can handle the amount of data being collected, stored and analysed.

From AI and the cloud to mobile, the summit will delve into the key BI trends for this year and the future. The rush to the cloud brought on by the pandemic forced companies to reconfigure to work remotely, which shone the spotlight on the limitations of maintaining on-premises infrastructure and forcing many organisations to take a long, hard look at their existing BI strategies.

Join us at ITWeb Business Intelligence Summit 2022, where we will unpack these issues and more over three days of insightful presentations, lively panel discussions and interactive workshops. The BI Summit is the industry’s leading event for BI, data, analytics and AI professionals.

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