Why your contact centre should be video-enabled

Johannesburg, 04 May 2021
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If your Contact Center values customer experience (CX), then Video Chat should be a part of your Omni Channel spectrum. Video Chat has shown significant growth in Social Media and is now definitely a fundamental aspect within the context of Contact Centers. The Video and Contact Center environments have found a way to knit together to create a profound unified communications platform that has powerful implications for CX.

With the addition of omni-channel and social media to the communications spectrum, it only stands true to say that video plays a significant role in today’s culture. One can say that making a video call nowadays is as natural and normal as making a phone call.

CallCenterHelper pointed out that video chat allows companies to re-create the in-store experience without forcing their customers to visit the actual branch during standard opening times. Inbound Contact Centers that deal with support are usually the best example to use. The results are a convenient service for the customer and at the end of the day, people do business with people, so build a rapport with your customers.

With all this in mind, our Contact Center solutions have been tailor made to offer services that do nothing but increase customer experience. We have incorporated the Vidaoo solution within our xCally Omni Channel Contact Center solution. Vidaoo is a professional Video Conference WebRTC solution that allows you to send chat messages to participants in the video call. It provides a Unified Meeting Experience platform that brings HD video conferencing, mobility and web meetings together as a Cloud Service and also extends the collaboration functions for the Oorganisation.

Our offer includes crystal-clear video conversation and high-quality screen sharing, anytime and from anywhere, with up to 100 people. Vidaoo has a microservices-based application architecture on AWS, represented by a collection of small, autonomous and self-contained services which are built to serve a single business functionality/capability.

Vidaoo and xCally Motion

Vidaoo has blended with the Customer Care suite offered by xCally Motion (native integration) but also with any other SIP application (gateway-based integration).

The main advantages of this integrated solution are the following:

  • Voice Routing (e.g Asterisk Queues) with announcements (e.g AVG Hold time)
  • IVR (Playback, ASR, etc.)
  • Voice Reporting and Analytics
  • Voice Realtime

The consolidation of these two platforms can be used in order to enhance the Customer Center potentials adding a powerful and customizable Unified Collaboration tool. The Customer Contact & Touch Points are available on several devices supporting Web Real-Time Communication (e.g. Kiosks, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.).

At ScopServ Integrated Services, we provide more than just software, we make sure we offer turnkey solutions that create a tangible difference in your call centre. To learn more about our integrated communications platform, contact us!

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