Celebrating two years of uninterrupted digital integration excellence

mWtech continues to grow as a leader in professional integration services for SA's biggest organisations.

Johannesburg, 31 May 2022

mWtech, a leader in integrating mainframe, legacy and cloud business systems, would like to thank all our customers as we celebrate our second anniversary.

Digital technologies work best once they communicate and collaborate with other systems. Yet this promise runs into significant barriers when bringing established business systems into the fold. Reliable legacy investments such as mainframes and on-premises systems are often viewed as problems for digital transformation incorporating the cloud.

mWtech addresses these challenges, using the best middleware and integration technologies to bring the established and exciting together. Our engineers apply experience from their cross-mainframe and Java backgrounds, leveraging modern solutions such as Software AG webMethods, IBM WebSphere, SAP PI and Oracle Fusion middleware to implement integration infrastructure that helps our customers realise their digital strategies across all their compute assets.

Even though we are still a young company, mWtech has grown to support many significant customers, including large organisations such as the South African and United States governments, the biggest South African banks and financial institutions, divisions within the Motus group and logistics firms. We've not only grown as a professional services integration company – we've not lost a single customer!

What is the secret to our success? mWtech is more than a software house. We work closely with our customers to understand their strategy, goals and timelines, then create solutions that help realise those benchmarks. Our consulting capacity is as strong and respected as our technical capabilities. We combine considerable business and systems experience for our customers to consolidate, integrate and update their technology estates.

mWtech offers the following services:

  • Natural and Cobol code integration through developing APIs with minimal or zero footprint.
  • Data virtualisation via converting hierarchical into relational structures and providing single data views.
  • API management in design and run time via smart gateways.
  • Integration code and gradual optimisation of infrastructure.
  • Real-time data analytics and intelligent monitoring.
  • Cloud migration of established integration environments.
  • Emergency ad hoc assistance with IBM and Software AG integration implementations and architecture advice.
  • New integration product implementation on existing integration platforms, including but not limited to webMethods, Flowgear and WebSphere.
  • Longer-term development across multi-vendor integration environments.

The cloud is central to what we do. mWtech does not favour newer over older systems. Yet we still celebrate the spirit of modernisation. We implement integrations using cloud-native solutions such as the Software AG Web.IO and Flowgear platforms. We have implemented integration environment reference infrastructure in AWS, Azure and Google cloud environments, as well as Docker and Kubernetes on-premises infrastructure for customers who want a hands-on in-house cloud environment.

mWtech leverages API economy development and sustainable maintenance – with a focus on mainframe and midrange UNIX environments that host legacy applications, integrating the latter with enterprise service bus components.

In addition to integration infrastructure and code, mWtech provides the elements of business analytics and infrastructure monitoring, using Software AG MashZone and ARIS for ICT. This service includes building dashboards based on real-time data feeds from APIs and dynamic events. Our event infrastructure is supported by Universal Messaging from Software AG and MQ Series from IBM. But mWtech strives to be agnostic and inclusive: we also support messaging services from other providers such as ApacheMQ, RabbitMQ and MSMQ.

Our focus on quality staff and training is another reason for our success. mWtech recruits software engineers and developers based on their attitude and aspiration, technical and business vision, and ability to understand contemporary business IT environments. Our in-house training is specially designed to focus on critical skills while laying a solid foundation to grow as professional hands-on integration consultants. All our training aims to create experts in the integration field.

Thank you to our customers and staff for making mWtech's first two years an incredible success story. We look forward to many more years, helping companies big and small prepare for the digital era without dumping their established systems.

If you want to learn more about our services or how we can help you go digital without leaving systems behind, contact us at, (+27) 10 216 9114 or by visiting


mWtech is a 'middleware in cloud' company. Our approach to design, implement, deploy and operate has been developed with years of experience and expertise in the field. We can troubleshoot problems for you, rectify any issues that arise while your system operates seamlessly and improve it by continuously optimising our commitment and ongoing support.

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