Deliver a great user experience with ControlUP and Citrix

Johannesburg, 18 Feb 2020
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EUCafrica monitors tens of thousands of Citrix sessions every day using ControlUp for corporate and financial services at clients across South Africa.

If you use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops to deliver your mission-critical business apps, then ControlUp should be in your toolbox.

With ControlUp, you can fine-tune Citrix performance and deliver the best possible user experience. Track, troubleshoot and triage Citrix user experience and performance issues. Deliver the best performance and maximise uptime for your line-of-business and productivity apps. ControlUp works closely with Citrix to give you the tools to deliver the best possible performance.

ControlUp’s management and analytics platform enables Citrix admins to monitor, troubleshoot, analyse and directly remediate issues in real-time in their Citrix on-premises, hybrid-cloud and cloud infrastructure using a simple, elegant and comprehensive interface. With ControlUp, Citrix admins can quickly spot performance issues across multiple layers – from hypervisors and data stores to Citrix ADC appliances, delivery brokers, VMs and VDAs. Even all the way to specific user sessions and processes. ControlUp monitors and troubleshoots all Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops versions (even multiple farms), enabling a streamlined management experience in a non-homogeneous environments.

ControlUp was built to help maintain a stable, healthy and fine-tuned Citrix environment, improving both user experience and IT efficiency. ControlUp’s Realtime Console provides multiple features that you will not find in other solutions.

What’s the difference?

The first difference is the ControlUp console collects data 20x-100x more frequently than other monitoring tools. Infrastructure metrics tend to have a lot of peaks and valleys. Most monitoring solutions miss those peaks and valleys because they collect data every one to five minutes. Some solutions only send average metric values and smooth out the data completely. This makes it much more difficult to perform troubleshooting and root cause analysis in a timely manner. ControlUp is focused on what’s happening right now. This is not your average Citrix monitoring solution.

On top of collecting data in real-time, ControlUp can take action to fix the problems you encounter. Our built-in script actions allow you to take action at the host, virtual machine, session and process level. You can throttle a process, change process priority, chat with a user in session, or invoke remote assistance. You can not only troubleshoot many user experience issues, you can fix them as well. With our hundreds of script actions, you can troubleshoot and remediate a wide range of issues. Our newest feature now allows you to automate actions as well.

ControlUp Automation is a new ControlUp feature that changes the game for Citrix admins, enabling them to automate script actions that dynamically optimise end-users’ experience, maximise computing resources and reduce troubleshooting time. Using ControlUp Automation, administrators can also automatically remediate recurring issues to prevent them from happening ever again.

ControlUp Insights provides Citrix admins with powerful analytics, detailed reporting and actionable findings packaged in a simple-to-use UI. Insights leverage anonymised metadata from thousands of data centres worldwide to enrich reports and dashboards with a comparison to a global dataset, and Instant Interactive Drilldown technology enables contextual drill-down from one report to the others, while preserving the context.

A well-run Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops environment can significantly improve IT service delivery and boost your healthcare organisation’s productivity. ControlUp helps you to:

  • Cut costs by identifying over-provisioned resources;
  • Decrease downtime of your overall Citrix infrastructure; and
  • Raise the ROI of your application delivery projects.

Get started fine-tuning your Citrix deployments now; click here to get in touch for your free trial.

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