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Nebula boosts operations and cost management at a major SA bank

Using OneView, Nebula could provide the bank with a digital view of the entire telecoms and technology environment, and helped it save millions.

Cape Town, 31 Oct 2019
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Nebula has helped one of SA’s biggest banks save R8.4 million using OneView, its premier enterprise Technology Expense Management system. In addition to this, Nebula was able to reduce the amount of time spent on manual tasks by 63% and decrease the value of overall employee claims by 25%.

How did Nebula get this right?

With well over 800 branches across the country, this retail bank had limited control and visibility of the cost and service deployments within its branches. And with a large mobile workforce, employees were spending a great deal of time manually logging their monthly claims for business-related usage on their private devices.

Using OneView, Nebula was able to provide the bank with a digital view of the entire telecoms and technology environment. Nebula also provided a reporting structure that made it possible for each regional manager to see the costs and services connected to their individual branches. From a mobile perspective, Nebula created a strategy that reduced the corporate liability of the client (ie fewer mobile corporate contracts), while still enabling the users to work without fear of costs. OneView automated the cost recovery process, so that employees no longer had to sift through their bills at the end of each month.

In addition, Nebula identified and optimised direct and indirect costs, and provided a detailed breakdown of the bank's entire infrastructure and the costs related to these assets. In doing so, the bank could cancel resources that weren’t being used. Any inaccurate costs were corrected, usage was monitored and now the client only pays for what they actually need.

Some of the monthly automated reports that Nebula provided to monitor usage and spend trends include:

  • Site expense reports: Provide a breakdown of usage per call type ie all mobile, international, local, special services and long-distance calls.
  • Expense reports: These reports are system driven and are automatically e-mailed to each branch monthly on an agreed date.
  • Infrastructure reports: Offer an overview of all infrastructure installed at the site and the associated costs and line descriptions.
  • Active directory report: Numbers are imported into Nebula’s reporting system to identify ‘known business numbers’, as well as ‘unknown’ numbers, which could indicate abuse.
  • Regional manager report: Monthly expense reports roll-up to a regional manager report, which summarises the total monthly spend for all the branches in the regional manager’s area.
  • Manager hierarchy report: These reports show the branch’s total usage and rental spend including all discounts and other costs incurred (i.e. Installations, call-out costs, etc.). This is shown with a comparison of the past 2 months in order to do a trend analysis. The reports roll-up according to the Client’s operational management hierarchy in order to give increased transparency of Branch expenditure from the branch up to Executive level.

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Nebula offers a unique set of next generation Telecoms Expense and Lifecycle Management solutions powered by Microsoft Azure. We give large enterprises enhanced capability to automate the management of spend and usage in their fixed, wireless and mobile telecom environment.

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