Which LTE is best for your business?

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These days, fixed business LTE solutions need to be as flexible as your workspace, which has undoubtedly changed a lot over the past few months as the world moved towards a new way of working.

ITWeb, in partnership with Nashua, is conducting an LTE Survey to examine what South African organisations look for in new-generation LTE solutions.

The survey asks, among other things:

1. What expectations do businesses have from a fixed LTE solution?

2. Which type of features are a must-have?

3. Is the ability to split business and personal LTE use an important consideration?

Based on the anonymised survey data, we’ll compile a business LTE usage report and publish it on ITWeb.

To add your input for this trends report, go to

By completing this quick LTE survey, you’ll stand a chance to win an Incredible Connection voucher valued at R3 000.

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