Oracle unveils WebCenter platform

Oracle unveils WebCenter platform

Oracle has released Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g, a modern enterprise portal platform which will help increase productivity for business users and IT by bringing together people in organisations with the business processes and information they need to access, states PR Newswire.

Enhanced features enable users to build and manage online business communities that help capture and strengthen relationships between people, processes, applications and information to increase insight and accelerate strategic decision-making.

Business users can create portal mashups that consolidate business applications, business intelligence, content, and social computing services on a single screen.

OpenSpan debuts desktop business apps

OpenSpan is shipping OpenSpan Events, a service that extends business intelligence (BI), business activity monitoring (BAM) and business process management (BPM) to the desktop, states Integration Developers.

OpenSpan Event benefits include real-time visibility and alerts for both IT and business managers. The service lets organisations generate real-time compliance alerts and notifications, work with enterprise BPM and BAM systems, and use BI and reporting tools to analyse the performance of its users and processes.

By increasing visibility and controlling user-driven business process, organisations can improve the performance of their businesses and reduce costs, the company said.

Mozilla adds Fennec versions

Mozilla continues to work on its mobile version of Firefox, and released two new builds of its Fennec browser for Windows Mobile and Nokia's Maemo devices, says InformationWeek.

The latest versions of the mobile browser use the Gecko HTML rendering engine, and both versions support the TraceMonkey engine for JavaScript support.

Additionally, the latest versions will improve the touch-screen support for Windows Mobile devices, as well as polish the overall performance and user interface.

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