BMW experiments with smart fabric

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BMW experiments with smart fabric

Carmakers are looking for ways to replace unsightly buttons or add more controls without crowding the centre stack, CNET reveals.

The driver's seat has always been synonymous with total control, and that could become even truer as manufacturers begin embedding controls into the fabric.

Smart fabrics are becoming more mainstream, and touch-sensitive fabric isn't new. But creating a durable fabric that can control a range of functions and differentiate tactile motions is a breakthrough technology.

According to Indian Express, smart fabric could soon reach consumers, as BMW is already planning to use it in future models.

“Touch-sensitive surfaces are a very interesting technology for controlling operations in a car,” said BMW spokeswoman Melina Aulinger.

The electrical properties of the smart fabric can change depending on where the fabric is touched, and it'll be able to detect finger touches or slides on different areas in order to have different functionality, notes.

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