The best way to make money with crypto

Johannesburg, 15 Jun 2021
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In the crypto world, there are various ways of making extra money, from strategies like day trading to professional services such as investing and arbitrage.

When it comes to OVEX, South Africa’s leading crypto arbitrage platform and digital exchange, there are three core investment opportunities on offer: Arbitrage, Over-the-Counter Trading (OTC) and Interest Accounts.

In South Africa’s current challenging economic climate, additional revenue streams are very attractive – especially ones that allow for passive income.

What’s more, South Africa’s economy also makes for fertile investment ground when it comes to crypto services like arbitrage – where exchange disparities can be leveraged for a profit.

So, how to make money with crypto-currency? What is the best way to invest in crypto-currency? Let’s take a look at how OVEX does it.

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This is when you purchase a product on one market at a lower price and sell it on a different market for a profit.

With its instant trading capability, OVEX helps customers do this easily with its presence in both local (ZAR) and international (USD) markets.

This means you can purchase an asset at a lower price on one exchange (internationally) and sell the asset for a higher price in South Africa almost simultaneously. The difference in price becomes your profit, a profit that is protected by OVEX’s fast and efficient trade across exchanges by avoiding prolonged exposure to volatile markets due to delayed trade transactions.

Acting quickly and avoiding wild price swings is one way to mitigate the risks associated with crypto trading. This means that the value of your crypto-currency won’t change between trades.

Crypto arbitrage, just as traditional arbitrage in other industries, for example, trading commodities, comes with risks too.

Crypto arbitrage is, however, the safest entry point for newcomers as it is the least risky form of trading crypto-currencies.

OVEX also goes one step further for its customers with policies to reduce risk so that customers never lose during arbitrage trading.

How does it do this?

A maximum flat 1% spread is charged for everything; the OVEX spread will reduce if the arb premium is low to make sure the client makes a profit; and capital is guaranteed because even if there is a loss, OVEX will cover it.

The flat spread is an attractive offer compared to a profit share structure – as the arb is often very high, this fixed 1% becomes a small percentage of the total profit.

OTC trading

The OTC service provides a secure, private and personalised platform for institutions and high net-worth customers to trade crypto-currency at scale.

With low fees (zero for high volume investors), 24-hour plus full asset support and ultra-deep liquidity to preserve market price, the OTC trading platform will provide you with unmatched execution and settlement services.

Interest account

This is a way to take advantage of passive interest-earning investment opportunities.

With OVEX, all that is required on your end is to deposit crypto-currency into your OVEX interest account.

Interest will be accrued on a daily basis with earning potentials of up to 20% annualised interest on certain crypto-currencies.

Interested in discovering your next investment opportunity?

If you’re looking for a secure and accessible platform to explore crypto-currency opportunities, start investing with OVEX.

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