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  • CrowdStrike Falcon X Recon+ expands unmatched threat intelligence suite, delivering managed protection against dark web threats, digital risk

CrowdStrike Falcon X Recon+ expands unmatched threat intelligence suite, delivering managed protection against dark web threats, digital risk

CrowdStrike expands fast-growing threat intelligence leadership with new offering to help organisations proactively hunt threat actors looking for opportunities to exploit their brand, steal their data and gain unauthorised access.

Sunnyvale, Calif., 09 Sep 2021
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CrowdStrike Inc., a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint protection and workload protection, today announced Falcon X Recon+, a new managed solution that simplifies the process of hunting and mitigating external threats to brands, employees and sensitive data.

Falcon X Recon+ threat experts manage digital risk protection efforts by monitoring, triaging, assessing and responding to threats across the criminal underground, enabling the customer to focus solely on their business.

Earlier this year, CrowdStrike delivered Falcon X Recon to expose activity on the cyber criminal underground. Falcon X Recon+ combines the effectiveness of the Falcon X Recon technology with the skills and experience of the CrowdStrike Intelligence team.

By offloading the effort of mitigating external threats to CrowdStrike, Falcon X Recon+ increases the effectiveness of the security team, while reducing the time, skills and effort required to battle sophisticated adversaries.

Falcon X Recon+ experts monitor, on the customer’s behalf, data from thousands of restricted forums, marketplaces, messaging platforms, social media posts, data leak sites and much more, to provide relevant, real-time warnings, identifying data exposure and threats to the enterprise.

CrowdStrike experts then quickly identify, investigate and recommend mitigation actions, including the potential take-down of posts and impersonations that may be harmful to the brands or reputations. The experts at CrowdStrike bring global awareness to these issues and are better positioned to empower security professionals, leveraging CrowdStrike’s powerful telemetry, expert analysis and critical resources.

Key features of Falcon X Recon+ include:

Unrivalled coverage and expertise: Falcon X Recon+ provides unrivalled visibility into cyber criminal activity that goes beyond the internet to include Internet Relay Chat (IRC), botnet and DDoS configurations and messaging applications. Once our experts identify a potential threat to an organisation, they have access to the vast resources available from CrowdStrike’s global team of intelligence analysts to aid them in adding context to an investigation, in order to recommend proactive steps to prevent and detect future threats.

Take-downs: Falcon X Recon+ experts continuously hunt for potential external threats to organisations, keeping customers updated on verified threats, and recommending effective mitigation steps to proactively stop future attacks. CrowdStrike works on the customer’s behalf to identify and facilitate the take-down of fraudulent accounts, phishing websites, domains and malicious posts that potentially harm reputation or business.

Reports and briefings: Monthly reports provide visibility into the day-to-day activity that CrowdStrike performs on behalf of the customer, including trends, insights and significant events. In addition, customers are invited to the CrowdStrike Quarterly Threat Brief, where our experts provide insight into current and trending activity across the threat landscape.

“Threat actors are becoming more brazen in their methods of attacking supply chains and deploying sophisticated ransomware campaigns. Providing visibility into the tactics and techniques of the cyber criminal underground is no longer just a technology problem, but also requires human expertise,” said Adam Meyers, senior vice-president of intelligence, CrowdStrike.

“With Falcon X Recon+, CrowdStrike alleviates the time and effort needed to detect, investigate and mitigate external threats, so our customers can spend their valuable time and resources focused on their business.”

For more information on Falcon X Recon+, visit the CrowdStrike blog and learn more about our latest announcements and various offerings at BlackHat 2021.  

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