HP drives printing ROI

Johannesburg, 04 Aug 2010
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HP is running a campaign that aims to promote the benefits of efficient printing techniques and technologies.

“The HP LaserJet Pays You Back campaign aims to create awareness in the market on how to drive printing efficiency,” says Kavir Laloo, HP marketing manager for HP LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions Business.

Laloo adds: “We will be speaking with channel partners to promote the campaign within the channel. Our partners are our extended sales force, and knowledgeable of our technology and we will make sure they understand the messaging around it.

“HP is enabling the large enterprise as well as the small and medium-size enterprise (SME) customer segment to save on energy costs, time, and make the printing experience in sync with the way people's lives are changing, and the limited amount of time they have.”

Laloo explains that time-saving measures include smart install, duplex printing (printing on both sides of the paper), wireless printing and technologies using 'auto-on and auto-off' features. “If a printer is not being used for a certain period, it turns off completely. It uses less energy.”

He notes that HP will use social networking Web sites to drive the message of its campaign to home users as well as SMEs.

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