Pinkmatter develops barcode recognition and document sorting software

Pinkmatter's barcoding and document sorting solution reliably automates the sorting of documents based on printed barcodes
Pretoria, 12 Jun 2006
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Pinkmatter has developed software for the finding and recognition of barcodes specifically for automated document scanning solutions. The software can recognize a barcode within a fraction of a second, making it ideal for use with high-speed scanners.

The product is aimed at larger organizations that face the challenge of digitizing and sorting large volumes of documents, such as exam papers, waybills or barcoded application forms. It is ideal for archiving solutions or as an enhancement to existing electronic document management solutions.

"Compared to many barcode recognition tools out there, one of the advantages of Pinkmatter's barcode recognition software is that it can find partially readable barcodes, making it possible to warn the user, or halt the process in stead of making costly sorting mistakes," says Chris B"ohme, Pinkmatter Solutions business manager.

Pinkmatter's barcode recognition software reliably finds barcodes anywhere on a page and identifies missing or unreadable barcodes and logs warnings of possible missing pages.

The software also sorts documents electronically according to data read from the barcode and easily configurable business rules. These features make the document sorting solution very robust and ensure that any problems with documents don't go undetected.

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