World's only motorised prosthetic knee

Johannesburg, 20 Oct 2011
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Icexpress Progressive Prosthetics recently launched the world's first and only motor-powered knee, at The Innovation Hub, in Pretoria. It announced that two clients - paralympic athletes Kim Robinson and Derik Schutte - are the first in South Africa to be fitted with the "Ossur Power Knee.

The motorised knee is a 'smart' prosthetic limb with the ability to 'recognise and memorise' its user's walking style, while making real-time adjustments based on changes in speed, terrain or stride.

Twenty-year-old Schutte, an above-knee amputee who won a bronze medal in the F42 Javelin event at the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) World Championships, held in Christchurch, New Zealand, at the beginning of the year, was fitted with the Power Knee technology for the first time yesterday. “After only two days, I am already able to shift and share the weight that I usually put on my below-knee side, or good leg, to the above-knee side,” comments Schutte.

“We are honoured to be the first in South Africa to offer the "Ossur Power Knee as well as similar bionic technology to our clients,” says Icexpress CEO Johan Snyders.

“Our aim is to assist prosthetic users to get back to leading normal, happy and physically active lives. The Power Knee, and other advances made in prosthetic technology, makes it even more realistic for persons with amputations to live their lives without limitations.”

Kim Robinson, a paralympic adaptive rower, who represented South Africa at the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, lost her leg due to cancer, and subsequently had to undergo hip-replacement surgery to compensate for the added pressure caused by the amputation. In effect, the Power Knee has the ability to relieve this pressure by restoring muscle capability. Its battery-powered capabilities help address the loss of muscle and asymmetrical movement found in people with limb loss, thus protecting users from injury. In Robinson's case, the Power Knee will limit further damage to her back, other hip and leg.

Snyders has dedicated himself to providing the highest level of prosthetic care, eliminating prosthetic discomfort, and assisting clients to attain their utmost level of physical mobility through a holistic approach that combines technology and rehabilitation, since 2007.

“Some of our clients want to participate in sport again, and some just want to be able to pick up their children. It is our job to provide each person who comes to us with the right fitting, the right technology, and the right support system in order to help them accomplish this,” concludes Snyders.

For more information, contact Johan Snyders on +27 72 724 7496, or visit

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