Land Rover gets smart RFID

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Land Rover gets smart RFID

Car manufacturer, Land Rover has adopted radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for its DC100 concept cars to increase accessibility, usability and security of the vehicles, reports Net Car Show.

The concept cars come with a set of RFID chips built into impact and water-resistant items such as wristbands and watches. These allow the main key fob to be left in a slot in the glove box, which deactivates it and transfers its lock and unlock functions to the rugged RFID chip.

Once the system is armed and the car secured, only that specific RFID smart tag will unlock it and reactivate the key fob.

A new feature, which Land Rover says could be ready for production by the scheduled 2015 introduction, was “self-cleaning, self-healing” paint and bodywork.

“Land Rover remains committed to a goal of reducing curb weights of its SUVs by as much as 500kgs over the next 10 years, via the use of lighter materials, such as aluminium, high-strength steel and carbon fibre,” says John Edwards, the company's global brand director, reveals The New York Times.

Market Watch says Land Rover is also building an always-on connectivity and telematics device into the cars. This will allow for vehicle-to-smartphone, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-base communication.

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