Virgin scores with DMS

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Virgin scores with DMS

Virgin Megastores has recapped the results of its three-year in-store digital marketing solutions rollout, says Earth Times.

After driving as much as 35% more traffic to under-visited areas of the store with its original pilots, Virgin proceeded with a variety of in-store digital marketing projects designed to drive revenue for entertainment-focused promotions.

Virgin estimates the Epson digital marketing solutions it uses have increased revenue in selected areas by as much as 50%, significantly increased store traffic, and provided a solid return on investment.

Best Buy chooses Verint

Verint Systems' Nextiva Retail Traffic Analysis solution is being used by Best Buy, a multinational retailer of technology and entertainment products and services, as part of a programme designed to help analyse and optimise customer experiences associated with product placement and promotions, reports Retail Solutions Online.

Already a Verint customer, with over 60% of its retail stores monitored through Verint equipment, Best Buy deployed Verint's retail traffic product on a 45-camera platform in one of its 45 000 square foot retail stores, to evaluate the solution.

Designed to leverage existing video surveillance applications, Nextiva Retail Traffic Analysis provides real-time information regarding customer count, traffic patterns, dwell-times and broad information regarding customers' in-store shopping behaviours.

Solidcore unveils solution

Solidcore Systems, a securer of retail and point-of-service systems, unveiled its Integrity Monitoring Solution for IBM 4690 point-of-sale (POS) environments, states Market Watch.

The solution monitors and alerts on changes to IBM 4690 POS controllers, which provide both application and operating system images to client terminals in retail environments.

IBM 4690 systems represent a large install-base of retail POS systems, and Solidcore's capabilities for monitoring the integrity of these systems will help retailers using the systems to quickly verify payment card industry compliance.

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