US-CERT warns of vulnerabilities

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US-CERT warns of vulnerabilities

US-CERT is warning users to upgrade their Java installations to protect against a number of serious security vulnerabilities, says InternetNews.

Sun has released alerts to address multiple vulnerabilities affecting the Sun Java Runtime Environment. The most severe of these vulnerabilities could allow a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code.

In total, it is difficult to grasp how many separate vulnerabilities there actually are in Java. According to US-CERT, Sun issued no less than seven separate alerts, some of which detail multiple security vulnerabilities.

Gosling discusses Blu-ray, Java

"Father of Java" James Gosling says he sees Blu-ray's victory over HD-DVD as a catalyst for more interesting forms of entertainment for the disc format, reports

Speaking at the Sun Tech Day in Sydney, Gosling told ZDNet Australia's Builder AU that he hopes that Blu-ray win - combined with the possibility of having Java's new graphical framework, JavaFX, within the Blu-ray specification - would enable a graphical user experience beyond solely playing Blu-ray discs.

"There's actually this Profile 2.0 spec for Blu-ray, which almost all of the Blu-ray players out now don't implement...that adds all this networking ability. So you can actually use a Blu-ray box to do things other than play Blu-ray discs," Gosling said.

Nexaweb helps convert to Java

Web application developer Nexaweb Technologies plans to assist IT departments in migrating legacy applications to the Web, and helping streamline and clean up the applications in the process, says

Nexaweb Advance doesn't put a Web 2.0 face on a 3GL (define) or 4GL (define) application. First it looks at all of the application's interfaces and behaviours, determines how it handles data input and creates a map of the application.

From this map, a newer application is born built on a newer language, Java. In the process, programmers get a layout of their application and everything it does, which offers a chance to cut out the fat and redundancies that may have come from years of tweaking with the code.

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