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Protecting the health of employees, ZTE is in action to fight infectious coronavirus

Johannesburg, 29 Jan 2020
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The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has drawn fresh attention from all walks of life in China's 2020 Spring Festival holiday.

ZTE promptly established an emergency group for the new pneumonia on 21 January, and has made systematic arrangements in the areas of supply chain, communication, field service and employee health and safety.

Externally, ZTE is fully supporting operators to construct and secure 5G networks in Wuhan, Huanggang, Chengdu and other cities, building 5G communication bridges for life-saving treatment.

Internally, to protect the health and safety of employees, ZTE has established emergency measures for prevention and control, and is promoting them in an orderly manner. These measures are supporting employees in epidemic areas, guaranteeing emergency materials, extending the holidays, reducing employee mobility at home and abroad and enhancing work area hygiene.

ZTE has issued an Emergency Preparedness Guide about the new coronavirus pneumonia to all employees, and has distributed masks to employees in South Africa for free. In the meantime, all employees are required to check in their health status on a daily basis through icenter, one of the company’s internal apps.

ZTE has extended the Spring Festival holiday in accordance with Chinese government regulations, while strictly abiding by the requirements of local governments for the date of resumption of work, and has made guidelines for employees to resume work.

If the employees are in Hubei Province, they should continue to stay there for the relevant requirements of the local government. Based on the actual situation, and on the premise of ensuring the health and safety of employees, ZTE will reasonably arrange employees to work or work from home, and will not arrange overseas trips during this special period anymore.

Employees who work in other cities inside and outside China can work normally, but are required to wear masks, wash hands frequently, and reduce long-term face-to-face communication with others while being at work in-office.

ZTE has sorted out the situation of employees travelling abroad for business, returning to overseas office locations and returning to China, and has issued the procedures and requirements for travel during the emergency period. ZTE will take a two-week observation period before the employees take the business trip to confirm there is no problem before leaving. All employees are required to wear masks on the way out. When they arrive, the local office will arrange for the airport pick-up. Employees must be self-isolated for health observation in the designated dormitories or hotels for two weeks.

ZTE has vigorously strengthened the cleaning of relevant places, including offices, canteens, dormitories and shuttle buses, and increased the frequency of disinfection for several areas, especially in canteens, conference rooms, elevators and dormitories to ensure environmental hygiene.

Taking temperature checks of people accessing office buildings, ZTE has set up a temporary rest area for people with abnormal body temperature. At the same time, ZTE has established communication channels with local governments and hospitals to ensure timely support in case of emergencies.

With great commitment to the current epidemic situation, ZTE will fully support operators, promptly responding to the needs of temporary networks' construction in various places, and will continue to care for the health of employees and related personnel by making prevention arrangements accordingly. ZTE will undertake the public responsibility to help curb the epidemic as soon as possible.

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