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Johannesburg, 04 Aug 2020
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The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has completely accelerated the digital agenda in just a few short months. Leaders have had to learn to chart a new course through a multiplicity of intersecting technological issues that range from protecting their staff and customers to maintaining financial stability, to readapting and reimagining how their internal processes and operations are going to work in this next normal.

It’s safe to say that this next normal, this new reality that has finally taken hold has its core in technology. What we are seeing across industries is a greater need to accelerate companies’ digital transformation. The implication thereof is that organisations essentially have to make technology a part of their mindset and culture and have to climatise their people to it.

Due to social distancing and the rise in public health concerns, remote connectivity has become vital now more than before. New combinations of technological innovations and offerings have to address the challenges of these seismic changes and deliver decisive advances in customer experiences, operational efficiency and competitive edge. Technological solutions have to help businesses to shift from uncertainty to certainty and they also have to be embraced by their workforce.

As a business, we strive to deliver excellence in innovation and provide cutting-edge technology-based solutions and services for customers that speak to the above highlighted areas. We are committed to empowering our customers to operationalise, optimise and capitalise on the opportunities presented by this digital transformation. Maredi Technologies essentially helps businesses to implement a breadth of digital solutions that create efficiencies, that seamlessly position them to better navigate the complexity of this new normal and beyond.

Maredi Technologies has created out-of-box solutions to empower remote team agility and connectivity. The first of these solutions is our Yeastar Linkus solution, which enables businesses to keep their distributed workforce connected and maintain business continuity in the short and long term using their network and communications system. We provide this solution for businesses that have IP-based infrastructure as well as analogue-based TDM PBX. Our Yeastar Linkus solution will shift your business towards a remote telecommunications solution regardless of your geographical distance. Yeastar Cloud PBX inclusive virtual work environment empowers your business to connect with your employees and customers seamlessly and securely from any devices, anywhere. It offers robust unified communications and it can be rolled out immediately for your business without any commitments, ensuring a smooth, rapid and painless transition.

Our second out-of-box solutions to empower remote team agility and connectivity is the Ameyo Mobile Call Center Agent Application, which is a full-on remote contact centre with diallers being able to automate your outbound calling, WebRTC for voice quality and computer telephony integration (CTI) that allows access to all your customer information along with agent self-tracking for routine tasks.

The Ameyo Application allows your agents to deliver high-quality customer service with just a smartphone and stable Internet connection wherever they are. Another feature of Ameyo Mobile Application is that it allows agents to post-call activities like marking call dispositions and notes, which the supervisors can view and may change. This contact centre suite also provides unabridged security whereby agents using their own mobile devices can manage customer interactions and ensure complete data security with features like IMEI Whitelisting, block call recording and screenshots, along with secure VPN support.

These two solutions will accelerate the digital transformation of your business. Yeastar Cloud PBX and Ameyo Mobile Application will deliver extraordinary value for your business. It will allow your business to be a main player in the digital space and it will position you to gain a share of the promise and opportunities that also exist in this landscape. Lead the way with Yeastar Cloud PBX and Ameyo Mobile Application.

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