Powerhouse workstations to drive demanding applications

High-performance workstation range for companies that operate across Africa.

Johannesburg, 22 Jul 2021
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Advanced 3D and graphics applications are driving a need for far more powerful workstations across sectors such as media, entertainment, architecture and engineering, while a growing need to harness deep learning and AI applications is similarly driving demand for server-grade workstations in sectors such as research. This is according to Keegan Rose, New Tech product manager at Axiz, a hardware, software services and support company that operates across Africa. 

Rose says Supermicro, a Fortune 1000 Silicon Valley brand trusted for high performance in the server networking and storage space, now delivers the same levels of reliability, performance and scalability in its powerhouse workstations for demanding applications. Supermicro is known for its extensive engineering expertise with the industry’s broadest product portfolio, and is a first-to-market leader in enterprise, cloud, AI and edge computing.

“The Supermicro workstation range is not new to South Africa, but while Supermicro is an established and trusted brand for server networking and storage, not many people are aware that Supermicro also has a high-performance workstation range to offer, with options for Intel and AMD,” he says.

Rose notes that several sectors would benefit from these workstations. “In the architecture, engineering and construction sectors, there is a use case for building complex 3D models or simulating product performance where high-end GPU and CPU solutions are required. In the media and entertainment sector, where Supermicro servers are selected by major movie studios, post houses and VFX studios, Supermicro now offers the same features and values in their certified workstation solutions. The Supermicro workstation solutions also deliver incredible performance in deep learning and AI applications,” he says.

Featuring the latest technologies, Supermicro supports and validates a wide array of the latest components, ie, NVMe storage, latest CPU and GPUs, with the option to optimally configure the system to suit the organisation’s needs. All workstations use industry-standard components for a high degree of flexibility and upgradability. Industry-standard networking is also included, using the latest gigabit LAN connections and wireless, with 10G options also available.

Supermicro recently extended its industry-proven workstation family with a new-generation server-grade high-end workstation featuring the AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3000WX Series Processor with up to 64 cores. The new AS-5014A-TT workstation dramatically boosts productivity and is highly configurable, harnessing high-end components. 

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