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ITWeb: Undeniably indispensable insight for ICT decision-makers

Johannesburg, 10 May 2021
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ITWeb’s Industry Insights have exceeded all expectations, becoming the spot in the ICT industry to be seen, read and recognised.

These thought leadership columns, branded as ITWeb Industry Insights and featured in pride of place on ITWeb’s front page under ‘opinion and insight’, have reached near-daily publication, with an unprecedented number of top-level authors.

ITWeb is well-known as an ethical, independent platform for ICT industry thought leaders and a daily resource of news, views and updates on industry and technology trends and happenings. The value and success of ITWeb and recognition of its pivotal role in the industry was recently highlighted when it celebrated its 25 year of serving the ICT community with dedication and top-level journalism.

ITWeb’s Industry Insights exemplify and accentuate ITWeb’s role in providing our community with critical expertise that talks directly to ICT decision-makers, on an entirely editorial basis – so no pushing of product or vendor – and selected based on rigorous editorial principles.

They provide usable insight from ICT executives’ professional peers, who delve into the issues that are most important to them, offering trouble-shooting advice and a broader view of a particular industry, the rise of new technology and pivotal trends that must not be underestimated, and a much-needed voice of reason, or even ask uncomfortable questions that will get readers thinking.

Recent thoughtful questions posed by our columnists include:

  • Are today’s networks on the verge of obsolescence?
  • Should blockchain tech be regulated more, or is it too late?
  • Is outsourcing just a sophisticated Ponzi scheme?
  • A work in progress: Toward data swamps, lakes or oceans?
  • What is your e-waste game plan?

Subjects covered in Industry Insights reach across the broadest ICT spectrum, from access control, to zipping across anything and everything that is on the mind of ICT professionals today. Networking, blockchain, software development, digital transformation, customer experience, digital process automation, POPI pitfalls, application performance management, cyber security, everything-as-a-service, e-commerce, remote workforce, ERP failure and success, cloud computing, analytics, online payments… Any issue that has crossed a CIO’s desk recently has most likely been featured.

Besides the value presented to our readers via the Industry Insights, this platform also provides the authors with immeasurable business and professional value derived from being featured in this highly-visible space. They, and the companies they represent, are acknowledged as experts that spread knowledge that will benefit the sector as a whole. In addition to a diverse selection of ICT executives, authors include several professors, who provide a view from an academic standpoint, ensuring the industry looks beyond its confines.

Don’t just take ITWeb’s word for the incredible reach of this platform. Here’s what some of our authors say:

“As a data specialist, I find my passion not only in converting data into intelligence to the benefit of business, but in researching the evolving data space and with that, investigating new technologies and making others aware of them. I have been contributing Industry Insights to ITWeb for a number of years, which I believe offers me a platform to share my experience and thought leadership on pertinent topics that can add value to a business’s data journey and experience.” – Jessie Rudd, Technical Business Analyst, PBT Group

“ITWeb’s Industry Insight is an important vehicle for us to deliver the depth of our IP on topics relating to our core business. It is vendor and product agnostic – an utterly independent editorial platform and in many ways unique because of this fact. It is of immense value in our overall drive for visibility in the industry.” – Michael Brink, CTO CA Southern Africa

“In this technology-driven world we find ourselves in, there is no denying that data has become a business asset that simply should not be ignored. Becoming a data-driven organisation is a key priority for many businesses, but to get this right, data literacy should be the backbone of the organisation. Being a contributor to the dedicated Industry Insights section on ITWeb has afforded me the opportunity to share my views on topical technology-related matters like the above, with my peers and other experts within the broader industry. I have valued this and see the benefit in not only sharing my insights but also reading others, as part of growing in my knowledge and expertise.” – Windsor Gumede, Director, PBT Innovation at PBT Group

“Argility is a company with a 35-year history as a leading innovator and implementer of customised enterprise software solutions for the retail and supply chain industries. During much of that time, ITWeb’s Industry Insights has been an immensely important platform that enables us to share our vast experience with senior business decision-makers seeking guidance from technology specialists to help them face the challenges of doing business in today’s digital economy.” – Tanya Long, COO, The Argility Technology Group

“Over a number of years, Arcserve executives have been published on ITWeb’s Industry Insights. For us, this is an exceptionally important publication in which we can share rich content derived from our global organisation on cyber security and disaster recovery trends and technology advances. It is a hugely significant publicity outlet that facilitates high-level knowledge transfer by senior ICT executives to the business technology community in South Africa.” – Byron Horn-Botha, Lead: Channel and Partnerships, Arcserve Southern Africa

“LanDynamix has been featured in ITWeb Industry Insights on many occasions. It is the premier podium for thought leadership material in which we can share our knowledge on challenges in business and how they can be conquered with technology. We view Industry Insights as one of the finest sources of independent information in the ICT media landscape.” – Peter Clarke, MD, LanDynamix

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