Now virtually anyone can start trading crypto-currencies

All you need is R100 and a mobile phone to get you started on your Bitcoin journey.

Johannesburg, 25 Mar 2021
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Aiming to overcome consumer mistrust of the world of crypto-currency, the new Yellow Card crypto trading platform and app is now available in South Africa to help even beginner traders get aboard the crypto wave.

Billed as the fastest, easiest and most secure way to use Bitcoin in Africa, Yellow Card lets almost anyone buy, sell and store Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, with no bank account required. To start trading, users should download the app and register, with only R100 needed to get started.

After depositing local currency in their app wallet, users simply select the amount of crypto they wish to buy from the in-app dashboard, and their wallet will be instantly credited. Users can also sell and send crypto-currency via the app, and withdraw fiat money from the Yellow Card wallet using a preferred withdrawal method.

First founded by Chris Maurice and Justin Poiroux in 2019, the Yellow Card team now consists of 81 employees spanning across 13 countries, nine of which are in Africa.

Unlike most other exchanges in Africa, Yellow Card is a B2C platform trading directly with customers. Lara Horne, Digital Marketing Manager at Yellow Card, says: “This means we buy and sell directly to and from users, which means there are no middlemen or trading fees to consider. It also means users don't need to wait for their trade to execute in an order book, so the transaction is instant.”

Yellow Card has been designed to be simple and easy to use, making it ideal for Bitcoin beginners, she says. “There's no need to be afraid of making a mistake on our platform as it's nearly impossible to do so. Bitcoin doesn't have to be daunting. The whole point of it is financial inclusion for all,” Horne says.

Yellow Card lowers the barrier to entry for consumers who have doubts about the security of crypto trading and the risk of being scammed. Says Horne: “Many people can be overwhelmed by crypto trading and scared to make mistakes or get scammed. One of the most common mistakes Bitcoin beginners make is trusting strangers who approach them on social media platforms with their personal information. They should rather sign up with a reputable exchange such as Yellow Card and keep their credentials safe within a password manager such as LastPass.”

To get started, simply download the app here:

Android app

iOS app

You need as little as R100 to get started and Yellow Card is giving you your first R50 free! To redeem your R50 voucher, use the referral code ITWEB the first time you sign up with Yellow Card.

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