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  • NEWORDER partners with Barkly to deliver strongest endpoint protection to South African market

NEWORDER partners with Barkly to deliver strongest endpoint protection to South African market

Barkly protects against modern attacks evading AV and certified as AV replacement.

Johannesburg, 14 Feb 2018
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NEWORDER, a leading information security brand within South Africa that specialises in hacking and industrial espionage protection, today announced a new strategic partnership with Barkly to bring the strongest endpoint security with the smartest technology and simplest management to the South African market.

NEWORDER is the first partner in South Africa to offer Barky's endpoint protection platform specifically designed to stop the most sophisticated attacks currently threatening organisations across the country.

Traditional anti-virus solutions can't stop today's most complex attacks. According to a recent Ponemon Institute report, over 50% of businesses were compromised in 2017, costing them an average $301 per employee or $135 000 for an average midsize company.

The attacks businesses are facing are evolving, and last year 77% of the successful attacks were file-less. Traditional AV and most next-generation AV solutions simply cannot handle this type of sophisticated attack. "Companies have been overpaying for solutions that don't fully protect their endpoints for too long. We are excited to be the first to bring Barkly's superior protection to the South African market to ensure organisations are protected against all types of modern-day attacks," said Marthinus Engelbrecht, Group CEO of NEWORDER.

Barkly replaces legacy anti-virus with stronger, smarter, protection. Barkly ProtectIQ Multi-Vector Attack Blocking recognises the building blocks of attacks - scripts, exploits and executables - to block attacks no matter where they come from. Barkly doesn't rely on signatures or scans. Instead, Barkly uses a combination of behaviour indicators and machine-learning indicators to block attacks in real-time. Barkly's fast, lightweight endpoint agent leverages patented, CPU-level visibility to block attacks that are getting past AV and next-generation AV solutions.

Traditional anti-virus lags behind the threat landscape, requiring constant updates to signature lists, and only blocks files it recognises. Barkly keeps organisations a step ahead of new and zero-day threats by recognising the fundamental behaviours and attributes of malware. Barkly EvolveIQ Continuous Machine Learning continuously trains and tests protection models to stay ahead of the threat landscape.

With Barkly CommandIQ, organisations can manage their endpoint protection from their mobile or desktop. It is the first and only endpoint portal that is fully mobile-capable, enabling admins to manage protection and take action on incident alerts on the go.

Barkly is independently certified for anti-virus replacement, HIPAA, PCI DSS and NIST by Coalfire and AV-TEST.


The NEWORDER Information Security and Corporate Threat Protection Service provides a strategic and tactical insight into an organisation's actual state of security. It verifies whether the best practices and adequate safety measures are in place to mitigate and minimise the impact of known and unknown security risks. Its service delivery comprises hands-on experience within the information security and digital forensic environments over a period of more than two decades. The service delivery model is designed to help corporate entities meet their growing technology needs in the most cost-efficient way, and address information security holistically. Learn more by visiting the company at


Barkly is advancing endpoint security by combining the strongest protection, smartest technology, with the simplest management. The Barkly Endpoint Protection Platform blocks attacks across all vectors and intents, including exploits, scripts, executables and ransomware. Barkly is the only protection with visibility into all levels of the system, including the CPU, and stays up to date through its continuous machine-learning engine that automatically converts threat intelligence into powerful protection through nightly training on malware and customer-specific goodware. Barkly requires no security expertise to set up and deploy and makes management simple through any desktop or mobile device. Barkly is independently certified for anti-virus replacement, HIPAA, PCI DSS & NIST by Coalfire and AV-TEST. Barkly is formed by an elite team of security and SaaS experts from IBM, Cisco and Intel, and is backed by investors NEA and Sigma Prime. Learn more by visiting Barkly at or follow the company on Twitter @BarklyProtects.

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