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White paper: Sustaining the benefits of the digital acceleration for longer term success

Johannesburg, 18 Nov 2020
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Change is constant. However, no one could have anticipated the impact that COVID-19 would have had on the speed and rate of change especially seen in the acceleration in innovation and technology advancement. The quantum of change may not be as great as we have seen during tumultuous events such as the world wars, but certainly, beyond anything that those responsible for businesses and society have experienced to date.

From a business context perspective, we have seen a revolution in digital adoption and new technology implementation. With this, business have been forced to throw out traditional methodologies and apply various combinations of hybrid methods, ie, a merging of waterfall, design thinking, lean and agile. In this white paper, we will highlight some of these transformational successes, but also ask the question:

“Are these changes fully operationalised and sustainable?”

Based on our review of a selection of business and technology changes implemented during the past six months, we believe these changes have technical credibility but are somewhat fragile when it comes to the integration, buy-in and ownership thereof.

We believe that:

  • This is a result of weaknesses in traditional change management approaches; and
  • Requires a fundamental rethink of “change management”, including new approaches that align with the rapid pace of change.

In this white paper, we discuss a new way to think about change management, referred to as journey management, which we believe is better aligned with the needs of business and organisations in the future.

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