Vivo’s X50 series lands in SA

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Vivo’s X50 and X50 Pro smartphones.
Vivo’s X50 and X50 Pro smartphones.

Vivo’s X50 series flagship smartphones officially launch in SA today, with the companyreleasing the X50 and X50 Pro in the local market.

The new phones join Vivo’s expanding device portfolio, following the Chinese smartphone brand’s debut in the country last December. Along with the X50 series, Vivo is also rolling out its own range of earpods, theTWS Earphone Neo.

According to Vivo, the design of its X50 series draws from natural elements and futuristic aesthetics, aiming to complement the active lifestyles of consumers.

“X50 series is a professional photography flagship smartphone for consumers to record and share the best moments of their lives in a simple way,” says Hawa Hyath, marketing director, Vivo Mobile SA.

“These are the first X series devices to be launched globally and we are excited to share the best of our innovative technology and design concepts with consumers.”

5G compatibility

Even though Africa’s overall mobile phone market saw shipments decline 6% quarter-on-quarter in Q2 2020spurred by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, smartphone brands have not shied away from rolling out the latest devices powered by fifth-generation technology.

South Africa has witnessed increased activity in the 5G space in recent months, with mobile operators Vodacom and MTN having lit up their 5G networks using the emergency spectrum temporarily issued by the Independent Communications Authority of SA in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Smartphone manufacturers are also rolling out 5G-enabled phones, both on the global and local front, with Samsung, Huawei and LG also introducing 5G smartphones in the South African market. Samsung recently revealed it is preparing to introduce more affordable, midrange, 5G-enabled phones locally.

The newly-launched Vivo X50 series supports 5G connectivity, says the company, adding that this will allow users to stay online with superfast speeds and low latency.

“Reflecting Vivo’s design-driven innovation, X50 series smartphones are built with flexible screens, which are slimmer, lighter and more durable than traditional screens. X50 is one of the slimmest 5G phones ever. HDR 10+ technology delivers a bright and vivid display, and AG matte glass offers a soft and delicate touch.”

To allow users to take clear photos and videos while in motion, Vivo’s X50 Pro features a gimbal camera system. The X50 Pro’s built-in miniature gimbal module moves in the opposite direction of shaking motions, to provide increased stability for the main camera.

It also features a camera setup with one 32MP front camera and four cameras on the rear: the 48MP main, 8MP super wide-angle, 13MP professional portrait and 8MP telescopic.

“The gimbal camera system reflects Vivo’s commitment to innovating for the purpose of improving user experiences,” states Hyath. “Our research found that shaking is a major pain point for consumers who want to take high-quality photos and videos. Leveraging our leading technological innovation capabilities, we developed a solution to install a miniature gimbal module inside X50 Pro, which provides more frame stability than traditional stabilisation technologies.”

The flagship Android-powered X50 and X50 Pro are available for purchase at the recommended retail price of R16 999 and R19 999, respectively. The TWS earphones are priced at R2 229.

X50 Pro specifications:

X50 specifications:

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