White paper: Optimising rack power distribution

Johannesburg, 10 Sep 2020
Read time 1min 00sec

With information increasingly becoming the driving force behind many enterprises, the data centre is now the foundation for successful business operations. In this environment, peak operating efficiency and reliability are data centre necessities; if the data centre falters, the business suffers as a result. Consequently, these demands are changing the way companies design and run data centres.

Increasingly, data centres need to monitor every piece of power-drawing equipment in the data centre, and do so with high accuracy and granularity. For enterprise and multi-tenant data centres alike, the ability to stay up and running requires advanced rack power distribution units (PDUs) that can precisely monitor every aspect of power as well as enable the management of power distribution.

Without advanced rack power distribution technologies, data centres are at risk of being unable to keep up with the ever-expanding business requirements. This white paper discusses the forces shaping today’s data centres and describes the capabilities businesses should look for when selecting PDUs.

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