Survey examines core business app landscape

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As intelligent technology applications continue to evolve, businesses face the challenge of balancing current investments, people and processes with their future objectives. This is according to Andre Wissler, Mint Group’s head of Clients.

Mint has partnered with ITWeb on a Core Business Applications survey that examines how South African organisations in both the private and public sectors are using technology to service their customers and citizens, respectively. Of particular interest are the public, health and finance sectors, but responses from companies of all sizes from other industries are welcome, too.

The Core Business Applications survey aims to find out, among other things:

  1. Do businesses and public entities have a digital transformation roadmap in place?
  2. What technology is predominantly used to manage finance and operations, as well as CRM?
  3. Are AI-driven applications being used to improve service delivery to citizens and customers?

Wissler says the survey findings will help tailor the upcoming ‘Business applications for customer and citizen insights’ webinar sessions scheduled for later this month.

The sessions are hosted in conjunction with Microsoft, with each one focusing on a specific vertical – public, health and finance. They will showcase the featuresand potential of the Dynamics 365 business applications to drive citizen and customer insights, ensure more targeted communication and improve service delivery overall. Mint will be showcasing industry examples and demos of how intelligent customer, patient and citizen insights can be applied for success with existing customers, adds Wissler.

The survey will run through September and a research report, based on anonymised data, will be published on ITWeb. Participants stand a chance to win a R3 000 Takealot voucher.

It takes under five minutes to add your input, here.

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