Ava completes unified security merger

Leads industry in protecting global organisations against hybrid physical cyber security threats.

London, 08 Sep 2020
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Ava, a unified security company, recently announced the completion of a merger between Jazz Networks, a cyber security insider threat detection and response company, and Vaion, an end-to-end video security provider. Ava is now uniquely positioned to deliver unified cyber and physical security solutions to organisations worldwide.

“The only way to protect against hybrid cyber and physical security threats is to have a solution that can connect the dots across both domains,” voiced Tormod Ree, CEO of Ava Security. He continued: “Working together with partners and distributors across UK, Europe, Middle East, the Americas, and now Africa, Ava is connecting those dots and positioning itself not only as a top-quality security services corporation, but also as a thought leader in the industry.”

Ava’s integrated cyber and video solution allows for separate analysis of data from all users, cameras and servers.

  • The human-centric cyber solution (formerly by Jazz Networks) employs a powerful combination of policy, education and machine learning sensors to prevent IP theft and sabotage, improve cyber hygiene and accelerate threat hunting.
  • The end-to-end video solution (formerly by Vaion) delivers proactive video security and insight, including integrated video and audio analytics uniquely powered by machine learning algorithms, intuitive installation processes and a range of smart cameras. For maximum flexibility and agility, video can be viewed from anywhere with simple Web and mobile interfaces.

In the recent Ponemon “Cost of Insider Threats: Global Report”, it states that the average cost of an insider risk incident is $307 111, if it involves a negligent employee or contractor. Furthering this, the average cost almost triples if the incident involves an imposter or thief who steals/leaks credentials to the sum of $871 686 – highlighting the need for a true intelligent, flexible and focused platform to mitigate against such threats.

“This partnership brings true unified security solutions to market in southern Africa, where our challenges are felt much deeper in some instances given the lack of resources and the exposure created in hybrid workforces. Our goal is to leverage the strength of our partners and integrators with our knowledge of the local landscape, to ultimately close the gap between physical security and cyber security,” said Patrick Devine, sales director at Ava.

Nick Maxwell, GM UK/MEA at Ava, stated: “It doesn’t just stop there, there is a need to be able to mitigate against hybrid attacks. More and more organisations are trying to address this gap within their risk/resilience/CISO/CSO – it’s been acknowledged that there is a gap in the security posture where physical and cyber attacks need to be correlated, with a single unified approach.” After winning the US Cyber Command Competition in 2019, Ava has grown significantly and plans to foster research and development to continue to stay on top of cyber, video and hybrid threats. Maxwell explained: “Our customer and partners acknowledge the great efforts Ava has put into place to bridge this gap in the market.”

As companies move towards a hybrid workforce structure with employees splitting time between working in-office and remotely, organisations must reassess processes to keep IT staff from burning out, while at the same time efficiently managing distributed systems and assets. “You can’t build firewalls around remote employees; businesses must empower and educate staff to make the right choices,” said Ree.

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