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Infinidat adds business offerings, support for NVMe over Fabrics

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Provider of multi-petabyte data storage solutions, Infinidat, has debuted new offerings that it claims lower storage infrastructure costs and mitigate the risks of technology failures and deficit. 

With the new solutions, Infinidat customers can add adds an extensible non-volatile memory express (NVMe) over Fabrics option. NVMe over Fabrics is designed to connect hosts to storage across a network fabric using the NVMe protocol.

On the business side, Infinidat is offering free data migration for new customers, meaning that those looking to upgrade, rationalise or consolidate their storage infrastructure need no longer worry about the uncertainties that usually accompany migrations, such as costs and risks or skills shortages.

The company is also expanding its 100% data availability guarantee to include single systems – should a customer suffer an unexpected downtime event, Infinidat will provide the appropriate remedies depending on the business model in place, and do root-cause analysis to ensure that the downtime will be a one-off event.

Finally, Infinidat is now offering elastic pricing, in a move it says will mean customers don’t have to choose between low cost and flexibility. Elastic pricing offers customers the ability to purchase base capacity, rent burst capacity, and convert burst to base capacity at any time – with no penalties or premiums, and no long-term commitment for short-term storage needs.

Extra software features

In terms of software enhancements, Infinidat is now enabling NVMe over Fabrics. With the release of InfiniBox software V5.6, NVMe/TCP is now generally available.

The company says it chose NVMe/TCP as its first generally available NVMe protocol because InfiniBox performs well over Fibre Channel SANs, and NVMe/TCP allows prospects and customers to leverage their existing investments in Ethernet.

Moreover, an increasing number of next-generation data centres are being built exclusively on Ethernet network infrastructure, and NVMe/TCP is compatible with visions of a software-defined data centre (SDDC).

Its support of NVMe over Fabrics will expand to include FC and RoCE as customer demands dictate. The company says that adding support for NVMe over Fabrics will help customers significantly improve or reduce latency, without incurring significant costs.

A final addition, 3-Site Replication, enables an active-active replica to be replicated asynchronously to a third InfiniBox system, providing a disaster recovery copy at a remote location, which is not limited by latency and distance.

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