Pupils put off computing careers

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Pupils put off computing careers

Unrealistic and vague technology achievement standards are putting school pupils off tertiary courses and careers in the IT industry, according to a highly critical report commissioned by the Computer Society, says Red Orbit.

The society commissioned a team of high-powered academics to investigate the 18 technology achievement standards approved by the Education Ministry as part of its National Qualifications Framework. They found none of them were appropriate.

Education Ministry spokesman Mike Bodnar said the ministry had not had time to consider the report, but agreed assessment standards for computer science could be improved.

Women face ICT challenges

Women in the ICT sector still feel undervalued, have fewer careers opportunities compared to men, and feel the need to achieve better work-life balance, according to the ACS Women Members Survey, reports Electronics News.

Although 70% of women believed they received equivalent pay to their male counterparts, the remainder felt this was not the case, and many more respondents felt they did not get the same recognition or promotion opportunities as their male colleagues.

The online survey ran across one month, concluding in June 2008 and consisted of 35 questions aimed at better understanding the experiences, challenges and needs of ACS women members in the ICT industry, and how the ACS can develop strategies to address these issues.

Tri-Power appoints VP

Tri-Power Group announced Mike Severns has been named executive VP of Healthcare Technology, states Market Watch.

Severns brings over 35 years of healthcare technology experience to Tri-Power. He will be responsible for delivering in-building wireless and technology solutions to the healthcare sector.

"We are thrilled to have Mike lead our newly-formed Healthcare Technology Group," said Seth Buechle, Tri-Power CEO.

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