SOA sabotaged

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SOA sabotaged

ZapThink's analyst Ron Schmelzer lays the blame for SOA inertia right at the doorstep of those that are supposed to be its prime advocates - IT departments, reports ZDNet.

Schmelzer says business executives, for the most part, seem to get SOA. They realise the benefits of an agile, reusable, and loosely coupled architecture. "Even when a business has approved the investment of significant sums in their SOA projects, ZapThink has found that in many cases, their own IT organisation can and will sabotage those efforts, slowing the SOA drive to a crawl.

"Too many people in the IT organisation conceive SOA as a technology concept only, and as such, think of SOA as just a set of technologies and infrastructure for exposing, securing, running, and managing services," he says.

Colubris promises plug-and-play upgrade

WiFi switch vendor Colubris has promised a plug-and-play upgrade to give users fast 802.11n access points later this year, reports TechWorld.

The dual-band access points will support 802.11b/g with one (2.4GHz) radio and the draft 802.11n specification with the other (at 5GHz), which Colubris plans to have certified as compliant by the WiFi Alliance's branding programme, due to start in the next month or two.

"Dual radios are key for enterprises that want to move forward," said Carl Blume, director of product marketing at Colubris, arguing that 802.11g or b devices on the network can't drag the performance down.

Agency uses Pentagon's enterprise architecture

An air force agency has started using an expanded version of the Pentagon's enterprise architecture that has features drawn from the UK Ministry of Defence, reports GCN.

The Pentagon's Defence Department Architecture Framework (DODAF) defines requirements for military systems design in much the same way that the office of management and budget's federal enterprise architecture imposes rules on civilian systems.

Telelogic has included the DODAF extensions into the latest release of its software design suite. Telelogic's new tools will bring the DODAF into closer alignment with the UK Ministry of Defence Architecture Framework (MODAF).

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