3D Systems unveils 3D printer

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3D Systems unveils 3D printer

3D Systems' new ProJet 1000 personal 3D printer is now available, PCMag reports.

The printer makes high-resolution, durable plastic parts accessible and affordable to educators, students and professionals alike.

The ProJet 1000 prints high-resolution, durable plastic parts right in the office or classroom. It delivers ivory-coloured, snap-fit, plastic parts with fine feature detail and smooth surface finish at print speeds over three times faster than other 3D printers in its class, according to the company.

Market Watch states that Buddy Byrum, senior director, 3D Printing for 3D Systems, says: "We are excited to offer a new, economical personal 3D printer that prints precision, high-performance parts.

“The ProJet 1000 is a game-changing 3D printer, designed specifically for cost-conscious designers that need true-to-design functional test products,” he adds.

Priced at $10 900, the ProJet 1000 can be purchased through 3D Systems' global network of authorised resellers.

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