CoCre8 partners with Absolute Software

Johannesburg, 18 Feb 2021
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We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with Absolute Software, a leader in endpoint security and data risk management. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and has offices in San Jose, California, and Austin, Texas, USA; Reading, UK; and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

CoCre8 Technology Solutions has an extensive set of solutions, from the edge to the core to cloud, and Absolute is a strategic partner bringing unique Endpoint Resilience capabilities to our edge and security solutions offerings. Embedded in the firmware of devices from over 25 leading PC manufacturers, Absolute is the industry’s only un-deletable endpoint defence platform embedded in the firmware of more than half a billion devices, delivering the visibility, control and intelligence needed to secure data, devices and applications.

As a managed service provider (MSP) for Absolute in English speaking Africa, CoCre8 will focus on large strategic opportunities within the public and private sectors. CoCre8 has an extensive reach into these regions through an established partner landscape, and the broad set of capabilities available within the Absolute Resilience platform complement the wide range of products and solutions that we already have to offer. We recognise the importance of working together to deliver innovative solutions and address customer challenges.

There are various benefits to the end client when making use of the MSP agreement through CoCre8. These include CoCre8 assisting the customer with provisioning and de-provisioning of the technology on customer devices. The customer has the ability to use the solution based on a consumption model (billed monthly) and the MSP will operate the system on the customer’s behalf, providing reporting and critical information for decision-making. The dashboards and monitoring systems provide key insights, including (among others) the number of active devices, anti-malware information, encryption status of devices and application persistence information.

Product/solutions highlights

Maintain compliance and safeguard assets – With an unbreakable connection to every device enabled by Absolute’s patented Persistence technology, IT teams have a continuous stream of endpoint intelligence to help manage secure device life cycles and protect sensitive data. This includes hardware, software, security status, usage and geolocation data, as well as the ability to freeze or wipe off-network devices.

Strengthen endpoint security and resiliency – Absolute’s offerings can complement and strengthen existing security solutions, helping to maximise their effectiveness and ROI. With Absolute’s Application Persistence service, customers can self-heal – or automatically repair, restore, or reinstall – critical applications like SCCM, VPN, anti-virus, and encryption to ensure they remain installed, healthy and delivering their intended value.

Remediate devices remotely and at scale – With more than 130 automated workflows, the Absolute Reach library enables a more seamless way to secure and manage remote devices. IT teams can use pre-built commands to enforce Windows updates, manage device configurations, and take widespread remedial action – even when devices are off the corporate network.

Deploy easily and manage from anywhere – Devices leave the factory with Absolute’s Persistence technology in place, embedded in the firmware and ready to be activated. If the Absolute agent is compromised, it returns to a secure operational state automatically – even if the firmware is flashed, a new operating system is loaded, the hard disk drive is swapped, or the machine is reset to factory settings.

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