Top Coffee streamlines IT infrastructure

By partnering with Netsurit to standardised its IT infrastructure, Top Coffee has been able to expand its services and its customer base.

Johannesburg, 27 Aug 2019
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Top Coffee, which sells machines and capsules, has turned to Netsurit to standardise its IT infrastructure across more than 12 locations throughout South Africa.

This has helped to simplify decision-making and minimise purchasing and maintenance costs within the organisation by keeping hardware and software as consistent as possible, and reducing the number of tools required to meet users’ needs. This has also given Top Coffee’s IT department more control over purchases of hardware and software.

“Top Coffee’s focus is on delivering highest-quality coffees and ultimate coffee experiences to our customers,” says Mike Burrows at Top Coffee. “We compete in both the business-to-consumer and business-to-business segments, and to maintain market leadership, we need an IT infrastructure that supports and simplifies our operations, and allows us to concentrate on growing our core business.”

Burrows says the partnership with Netsurit helped Top Coffee to gauge the level of standardisation required, brought the benefits to the fore, and enabled the company to centralise its IT requirements while balancing organisational and staff needs. He adds that Netsurit has played a key role in helping Top Coffee to improve and grow its technology foundation over a period of five years.

“Prior to contracting Netsurit, we had in-house support for head office users, and we employed third-party service providers to support our stores,” Burrows says. “This created challenges around backup resources, consistency of support and standardisation across all our locations. As a result of the successful roll-out, we have been able to expand our reach and provide services to a larger customer base quickly and easily.”

Keeping Top Coffee technology operations running smoothly is Netsurit’s Remote Operations Team, which provides 24/7 server monitoring and performs monthly system maintenance outside of South African trading hours, ensuring that the company’s local business operations are not disrupted.

“In addition, our local 24/7 support team enables us to quickly dispatch technicians to Top Coffee’s stores should there be an issue identified before trading hours,” says Kevin Gair, account executive, Netsurit. “Again, this ensures that we can get the store up and running on time, with minimal to no impacting on their trading.”

To stay competitive and increase revenue, businesses need to seriously consider technology trends and how to leverage them, adds Gair.

“Companies that are able to do this far outperform their peers in the marketplace. In addition to boosting efficiencies at Top Coffee, the company can rest assured that its technology investment is working optimally with our industry-leading IT support as the backbone,” he says.

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