Lorge assists Addis Ababa liquor giant, Rorank, to implement new business management solution

Johannesburg, 16 Nov 2018
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Fact sheet
Solution: Sage 300
Industry: Alcohol
Provider: Lorge
User: Rorank
Jurgens Snyman, CEO of Lorge.
Jurgens Snyman, CEO of Lorge.

Midrand-based business management and business intelligence provider, Lorge Consulting Services, has carved a well-deserved position in a challenging industry over the past three-plus decades. Chatting to the company CEO, Jurgens Snyman, or speaking to one of the managerial or support staff, will quickly reveal that despite its award-winning success, Lorge strongly upholds its core values such as customer centredness and personalised care. This has unsurprisingly translated into a growing footprint on the African continent and an expanding number of clients in divergent sectors of the economy.

Lorge specialises in assisting businesses to boost efficiency and productivity by enhancing their operating processes, software and related systems. Lorge brings to the fore an adept understanding of various industry dynamics that come into play, enabling its technical team to propose viable solutions that incorporate standardised features and levels of customisation.

In this way, Lorge has managed to meet both the foundational and sophisticated needs of various small, medium-sized, national and multinational clients.

Sage 300: implementing the ideal procurement and expense management solution for Rorank

Rorank is a home-grown, leading alcoholic-spirits company based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The thriving spirits manufacturer and distributor maintains a progressive approach. This involves constantly looking at ways of improving its offering and systems to accommodate growing customer service demands and maintain industry competitiveness. It is home to the famous Super Eagle brand of alcohol.

In its endeavour to implement an effective solution to address existing procurement and expense management requirements of the business, Rorank was on the lookout for a suitable service provider. The company was willing to search beyond the borders of the country if it meant aligning with a credible specialist, capable of meeting the company's present and long-term demands. Its due-diligence subsequently brought Rorank into direct contact with Lorge, which, being a specialist in the Sage bouquet of software solutions, proposed Sage 300.

The Sage 300 package proved ideal, as it offers a stable, internationally recognised solution useful in addressing a number of needs. Features include seamless financial management through core accounting functions; adaptability and scalability as it is suitable for multi-company/multi-divisional enterprises with global operations; as well as effective management of operations through inventory management, to mention but a few. While the standard package is robust on its own, Lorge also tailored certain aspects to meet the customised needs of Rorank's bustling operation.

The new system yields a number of direct and ancillary benefits ranging from cost reduction to optimum resource and inventory management, with bespoke and highly relevant reporting capabilities. Sage 300 is also aimed at businesses that want to create one easily manageable database for both HR and payroll components, with a self-service option. Part of the intrinsic beauty of Sage 300 is the fact that it easily integrates with existing systems, is user-friendly and allows for seamless system and feature upgrades.

What did Lorge do for Rorank?

Lorge began a three-month implementation phase, which commenced in February 2018. This comprised two phases: seven weeks for planning and preliminary implementation and five weeks for complete execution and fine-tuning. This is a significantly quick turnaround, which Rorank CFO Christoff Delport confirmed was precisely what Rorank was looking for. Lorge also factored in the high capacity needs of Rorank and the associated demand for enhanced reporting systems. Sage 300 was consequently adapted to accommodate the client and offer more detailed and unique functionality in certain aspects.

In addition to implementation, Lorge also prioritises training and after-service. To this effect, Lorge dispatched two senior members of the technical team to personally visit Rorank in Addis Ababa and assist with training on the new system. This aligns with Lorge's aim to provide customers with solutions as well as equip them with knowledge and support, so they are able to operate as independently as possible. In the same breath, Lorge maintains close contact with customers like Rorank to ensure they are always well supported and have the necessary advice and technical guidance should the need arise.

Lorge sees this project as a positive indicator that market leaders like Rorank and others on the African continent are committed to maintaining world-class standards insofar as business management techniques, solutions and strategies are concerned. This points to the important agenda of socioeconomic development in SA and on the continent as a whole. According to Snyman: "Africa is an important market to us and we are glad to be able to contribute to the development of the continent."

Rorank CFO Christoff Delport further confirmed the company was pleased with the manner, time-frame and expertise that underpinned the above project implemented by Lorge. It views Lorge as a strategic partner more than a supplier, and now that the company has a firmer grasp on Rorank's objectives and most pressing needs, further developments can be expected in the near and distant future. The next probable phase will focus on integrating the existing systems with a Sage 300 solution that caters specifically to HR and payroll needs.

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