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Novell unveils next-generation business service management solution

Novell Operations Centre monitors, maps and measures business services and ensures service and configuration compliance.

Johannesburg, 18 Nov 2010
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A leader in intelligent workload management, Novell has announced the availability of Novell Operations Centre, a business service management solution that monitors, maps and measures mission-critical services in physical, virtual and cloud computing infrastructures.

Formerly known as Novell Business Service Manager, the new Novell Operations Centre solution features a built-in connector to Amazon EC2, full integration with Novell's portfolio of identity and systems management products and flexible packaging options.

“With Novell Operations Centre, enterprises now have a real-time view of their IT infrastructure to accurately measure the quality of service they deliver to the business,” said Michelle Beetar, managing director of Novell South Africa.

“It monitors performance and availability and maps service models to meet compliance while providing automated, real-time measurement. Unlike proprietary systems and service management tools, Novell Operations Centre lets businesses easily integrate their existing tool investments and take advantage of lower-cost open source solutions at a pace that suits them.”

Beetar added that the more heterogeneous and complex the IT infrastructure, the greater the value provided by Novell Operations Centre.

Novell has now fully integrated the Managed Objects portfolio of products with its systems management solutions. As the newest product to be released from Novell's WorkloadIQ roadmap, Novell Operations Centre is another milestone in the company's delivery of products to meet the growing demand for intelligent workload management solutions.

“Intelligent workload management helps companies achieve added value from their existing IT assets and management tools, realising the significant cost benefits offered by new models such as virtualisation and cloud computing,” said Beetar. “It also provides them with the necessary tools to securely manage their IT services across organisational and geographical boundaries, and across physical, virtual and cloud environments.”

New features for Novell Operations Centre include:

Tight integration with Novell identity, security and systems management solutions, in addition to support for many industry-leading monitoring and management tools, and seamless integration with:

* Novell Cloud Manager and Novell PlateSpin Recon to manage service levels for workloads in mixed business service models for private cloud deployments, discover virtual infrastructure and initiate workflows;
* Novell Sentinel and Novell Identity Manager for marrying security to infrastructure events providing a holistic view to manage service levels and deliver a common identity and access definition; and
* Novell ZENworks Asset Management and Novell ZENworks Configuration Management to provide a complete end-to-end view from the desktop to data centre.

Novell Operations centre will also integrate with Amazon EC2 in terms of event management information and seamless monitoring and management of workloads. It also helps businesses monitor workloads being deployed to Amazon EC2, controlling costs and workload performance.

Updated options allow customers to select the starting point for service management that best meets their business requirements.

Packages include Novell Operations Centre - the Engine (includes all modules); separate packages for Service Monitoring, Service Mapping and Service Measuring. All the tools for integration to current and future Novell products are included.

"Businesses need solutions that can tap into their existing data centre sources and applications and deliver a view of their IT infrastructure in terms of a service," said Beetar. "Novell Operations Centre mitigates risk by automating control over mixed physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, while giving customers increased flexibility to respond to changing market conditions. It masks data centre complexity and presents IT in a simple view that is aligned to business objectives."


Novell (Nasdaq: NOVL), a leader in intelligent workload management, helps organisations securely deliver and manage computing services across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. It helps customers reduce the cost, complexity and risk associated with their IT systems through our solutions for identity and security, systems management, collaboration and Linux-based operating platforms. With its infrastructure software and ecosystem of partnerships, Novell integrates mixed IT environments, allowing people and technology to work as one. For more information, visit

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