StorEx reports big year-on-year growth

Demand for enterprise system management increases.

Johannesburg, 24 Feb 2020
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Jan Beukes, Founder & CEO
Jan Beukes, Founder & CEO

StorEx, a leading supplier of third-party maintenance for enterprise-sized organisations, recently reported double-digit growth in its year-on-year results. Since launching 12 years ago, the company has experienced accelerated growth over the past 18 months as the demand for its infrastructure life cycle extension management solutions continue unabated.

Jan Beukes, CEO of StorEx, says the company has successfully signed several contracts, but what is most significant is the footprint established in industry sectors known for legacy relationships and high barriers to entry, such as retail and telecoms.

“Our first significant win was in the telecoms sector via our Nairobi Kenya office. It is encouraging to note that our sales pipeline continues to grow throughout both South Africa, Kenya and Turkey. We see this sustaining our current growth path for the foreseeable future,” says Beukes.

Multi-vendor hardware and software infrastructure life cycle extension management is no longer a new technology approach or concept. According to Beukes, it is now becoming the norm for CIOs to explore the alternative option.

“Enterprise systems management was always the domain of the OEM, specifically when it came to critical production environments in retail, for example. This is no longer the case and StorEx has secured several key South African retail clients. The offering becomes truly attractive once equipment has come out of the warranty period or OEM service,” explains Beukes.

He says retaining its focus on offering pure ICT services has enabled the business to establish itself as a leading supplier of multi-vendor ICT infrastructure life cycle extension services within international markets.

The company has also strengthened its local position by appointing a full-time risk and compliance officer. “StorEx is a private company that is being run like a listed entity,” says Beukes.

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