eBook: Reinventing the next-generation firewall

Johannesburg, 29 Oct 2020
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Security professionals across the board need to continually protect their organisations from evolving and increasingly complex attacks that slip through the traditional security nets. On top of this, the number of devices and the infrastructure they need to protect are expanding rapidly, sometimes with little to no notice, and as applications move to the cloud and more users work remotely, the attack surface gets wider and wider.

The traditional reaction in the past has been to shorten the response time to new attacks, from weeks to days to hours, and in Palo Alto’s case, to a matter of minutes. However, when it comes to threats such as ransomware, a few minutes is all it needs to inflict severe damage to the organisation. This drove the need for a paradigm shift to herald in a new era of proactive and intelligent solutions employing machine learning.

With this in mind, Palo Alto debuted the ML-Powered NGFW in June 2020. It is the world’s first machine learning-powered next-generation firewall, featuring PAN-OS 10.0 at the core, which enables users to proactively stop threats, secure IOT devices, reduce errors through automatic policy recommendations, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

ML is the secret sauce for PAN-OS 10.0, and although many vendors have added a few ML functions to their traditional solutions, the difference in Palo Alto’s approach is that it has infused ML into the core of the NGFW – it is built in, not bolted on. Continuously learning and proactively improving security across multiple fronts, the ML-Powered NGFW ensures users don’t just keep up, but get ahead of today’s advanced threats.

Palo Alto’s mission is to continue to empower businesses across every industry to remain ahead of emerging threats, have visibility into, and the ability to secure, the entire enterprise, as well as support speed and error reduction with automatic policy recommendations.

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