Huawei Cloud enables AIEQ to grow one-click, secure cloud product range

Johannesburg, 06 Dec 2021
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Steven Lu (left), Director, AIEQ Systems and Jacques Botha, Chief Technology, AIEQ Systems.
Steven Lu (left), Director, AIEQ Systems and Jacques Botha, Chief Technology, AIEQ Systems.

AIEQ Systems has adopted Huawei Cloud to help the company develop service offerings and solutions that are tailor-made, compliant and secure, in line with growing business market needs.

Co-founders Steven Lu (CEO) and Jacques Botha (CTO) report that the partnership with Huawei Cloud has enabled the company to expand its product offering in the cloud. “We are able to provide services in the cloud at a click of a button and enable our clients to tailor-make their own solutions going forward. By giving our customers the flexibility to spin up and spin down products monthly and increase and decrease subscription-based products, we will hopefully attract more SMEs to the cloud market,” says Lu.

With the founding motto: Innovate – Connect – Evolve, AIEQ Systems works to provide businesses with the agility to adapt and thrive in the marketplace through deployment of leading-edge technology. The company’s solutions and services encompass cyber security, cloud computing, managed services, backup as a service, VOIP and connectivity. It also offers hardware, software, network infrastructure, data centres, facilities management and related equipment used to design, test, implement, operate, monitor, manage and support IT services.

Says Botha: “For some years now, there has been a massive increase in uptake of cloud solutions and services. By assisting companies to move to the cloud, we can save them on their yearly opex spend. With the different cloud solution models available, it makes it easier for any companies to choose their cloud computing-based services according to their products and solutions needed.”

AIEQ says there has been a significant increase in interest in the cloud since the start of the pandemic. “With business moving into more of a hybrid work environment, the cost of having physical servers onsite can be seen as a greater cost on the opex model,” says Botha. By moving services to the cloud, businesses can slowly see more of a return on investment by hosting in the cloud,” he says. “However, one of the biggest challenges organisations face when moving into the cloud is moving their data across, as well as compliance and security concerns. Many considerations will be needed to be looked at before they start their cloud migration journey. Companies will need to look at their current environment and try and match the same offering in the cloud. With this, the accessibility and speed of the internet is crucial for users to access the data in the cloud.”

AIEQ Systems opted to partner with Huawei Cloud because the company has a solid track record in South Africa, and now has two availability zones in the country.

Lu says: “Huawei has been in the country for over 20 years now. With their vast technology portfolio and data centres around the world, they are a force in the country to be reckoned with. The fact that Huawei Data Centre is housed within South Africa addresses our policy and governance requirements, and with the two established sites, low latency and local support, it was easy for us to choose them as our preferred cloud partner. We have also worked extensively with Huawei and understood their data centre upbringing and wrote multiple certifications to bring our products to their marketplace.”

Sanjay Gunpath, Business Development Manager at Huawei Cloud (Southern Africa), says: “The availability of Huawei Cloud in South Africa in two availability zones, together with all of the security controls, makes it possible for partners to build and offer services that have a sensitivity to network latency like voice and offer it to customers at a competitive price point, removing the barriers to entry for these small businesses to leveraging services like cloud-based telephony, which was once only accessible for large companies that could afford the capital outlay. The cornerstone of Huawei’s success is to provide our partners and clients with the right technology and technical support to create mutually beneficial solutions and this is what we have achieved with AIEQ.”

"With the Huawei Cloud offering, we are able to bring various technologies to clients’ doorsteps to assist them in overcoming everyday challenges. By offering the cloud solution, we are able to speed up the turnaround time in terms of delivery of services and decrease their expenditure on capital investments in traditional hardware and operating costs. Huawei Cloud is helping us to innovate in our services to connect people, places and products and to evolve business and people in the ever-changing digital landscape,” Lu says. 

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