RangeGate and Symbol strengthen mobile ties

Johannesburg, 26 Jan 2001
RangeGate Press Office
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Mobile business intelligence company RangeGate has concluded a multinational integrator agreement with Symbol Technologies Africa Inc. RangeGate`s Multinational Direct Business Partner status applies also to its activities in the UK and Europe.

According to Andrew Fosbrook, MD of RangeGate, the alliance opens up a wide range of business opportunities for Symbol`s products. "RangeGate, and its sister company Scantec, have a vast client base built up over more than a decade. Symbol`s strength lies in its product range, RangeGate possesses the software integration abilities, and consulting and implementation skills to create a complete solution. This is particularly important in the mobile arena, where the technologies are new and companies are beginning to explore the opportunities mobile technology presents for businesses moving beyond their traditional boundaries."

Fosbrook notes that a particular focus area for the company will be on the GSM market in the near future. "The latest Symbol offerings are all GSM enabled, which means they will form part of our GSM systems integration offering. For us this is a major growth area in mobile computing, as this extends companies` WAN capabilities."

Intersys, RangeGate`s mobile enterprise gateway solution, is fully compatible with the Symbol range, which means the handheld systems can be linked into ERP systems such as SAP, JD Edwards and Impact. "Intersys has attracted huge interest in Europe, and RangeGate management has spent a great deal of time in Europe and the UK following up with organisations looking for an integrated solution," says Fosbrook. "With Symbol as a partner RangeGate strengthens its position as a provider of top-class wireless solutions to the European enterprise market."

"Symbol Technologies is a global leader in mobile and wireless data management solutions. Our multi-national partnership with RangeGate will focus on delivering solutions to customers with a requirement for realtime information in a mobile environment," says Max Stone, sales manager for Symbol Technologies Africa. "Our new range of rugged Palm and Pocket PCs are enabled for barcode scanning and GSM wide area network communications. With RangeGate`s industry-specific solutions, this technology allows companies to enable their mobile workers to obtain anytime-anywhere connectivity to their enterprise systems right at the point of activity. With the majority of today`s workforce being mobile, this need to remain connected, regardless of the application or environment, becomes vital. RangeGate shares this vision and has the capabilities and resources to deliver world-class solutions," says Stone.

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