WebTec gets Proudly South African accreditation.

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IT Company WebTec has become part of the Proudly South Africa family with their unique range of software and mobile solutions.

WebTec`s accreditation comes due to its locally developed software and mobile solutions currently being applied in local and international markets. Core to this development is the subscription based software solutions that allow for computing to become truly `on demand`.

Locally developed Tel-e, a finalist in the Age of Innovation and Sustainability awards, is finding a market with local users and interest in international markets is increasing substantially.

Distribution contracts have been signed in the UK, Europe and the USA. Furthermore interest in their mobile solutions has also been received from other African countries such as Nigeria, Senegal and Uganda.

`Proudly South African greatly enhances our profile not only in South Africa but also through our partners and potential customers internationally, questioning what the Proudly South African accreditation means.` WebTec, CEO Paul Dinsmore

One of the aims of Proudly South Africa is to create jobs and stimulate the economy. The Proudly South African stamp of approval also assures the South African market of the premium quality of the service or product offered - and that it competes in line with recognised international standards on design and performance.

WebTec Online Solutions

WebTec is one of SA`s foremost developers of Web-based e-commerce solutions and mobile communications applications. It is also a major distributor of security software from leading providers including Trend, Preventon and MWTI. Based in Johannesburg, WebTec views the development of subscription-based services as the cornerstone of a new range of applications for the delivery of software, music, video and services to both B2B and B2C markets.

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