CRS Technologies cuts payroll processing from days to minutes

Africa, 18 Nov 2020
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CRS Technologies, a leader in integrated and efficient human resources and payroll solutions and services in the South African market, has optimised payroll processing to reduce the time spent on payroll management and admin to as little as eight minutes. The CRS Speed Campaign has proven results in processing payroll, inclusive of medical aid and leave, from one to 100 000 employees with the CRS human resources and payroll application, reducing time spent on unnecessary admin by days.

“For many organisations, processing payroll can take days,” Ian McAlister, General Manager at CRS, explains. “The payroll platform has to be locked down and left to churn through the data and can usually only be run once a month due to the time it requires to set up the system and leave it to process the information. These systems are also quite limited and often require medical aid and leave to be processed separately.”

The CRS human resources and payroll application takes eight minutes to process payroll, inclusive of medical and aid leave, for up to 100 employees, 18 minutes for up to 1 000 employees, 120 minutes for 10 000 employees, and eight hours for up to 100 000 employees. Using the latest technology to transport data securely, robust database enhancements, clean application data, and server capacity, the platform is capable of reducing payroll cluster and time complexities significantly.

“In addition to massively reduced processing time, our platform allows for organisations to run payroll at any time of the month, for any number of people,” adds McAlister. “The process can be customised to run for a specific group of people, an individual, or a particular department, and the final month-end run doesn’t require that these be recalculated either. It just takes the information and processes and delivers the end-of-month pay run as required, at speed.”

The solution can be used to improve management of large employee payment databases, to streamline payment processing for different sectors and requirements, and for individual payment runs that can be interim, monthly or weekly. Companies that pay employees per day or per week can process pay runs as required and still have complete visibility into spend and payroll allocation at any point in the period.

“Our Engage suite of human resources and payroll products has been designed to change how organisations approach the essential tasks that are often time-consuming and complex,” concludes McAlister. “Our Speed Campaign showcases exactly how quickly our human resources and payroll application works, and how it can help any organisation of any size transform how it manages payroll and administration.”

CRS Technologies

CRS Technologies is a leading provider of solutions and services to the growing human capital management industry.

Following its establishment in 1985, the Johannesburg-based company quickly found its niche in the HR, people management and payroll sector and soon matured into the specialist of choice for blue chip organisations and SMMEs throughout Africa.

Today CRS is acknowledged as the most proficient HR and payroll solutions company on the continent, underpinned by solutions and services that help create workplaces of inspired, engaged and rewarded employees. Our approach to market is about maximising value between employer and employee, integrated with innovative technology that unlocks human potential and grows businesses.

CRS achieves competitive advantage through its commitment to global best practice in HCM and its drive to transform HR departments into strategic, valued-added business units, be it through bespoke software and services or shared industry insight.

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