Extra-long sheets made easy with Xerox High Capacity XLS Vacuum Feeder

Johannesburg, 03 May 2022
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Say hello to bigger – and better – opportunities to unlock value, earn more revenue and keep jobs in-house. 

Demand is growing for oversized print jobs like book covers, dust jackets, posters, landscape booklets and multi-panel brochures. However, feeding the extra-long sheets (XLS) these jobs require has traditionally taken a big bite out of productivity – and profit.

The new Xerox High Capacity XLS Vacuum Feeder is purpose-built to put that profit back in your pocket by accelerating turnaround for jobs up to 1.2 metres long. Pair it up with a powerful press and say goodbye to time-consuming manual feeding and equipment swaps so you can make fast work of oversized, high-margin applications.

Say hello to more choice.

Building your customer base by offering a wider variety of applications means building a press that’s up to the challenge.

The Xerox High Capacity XLS Vacuum Feeder is an over-achiever when it comes to advancing the core capabilities of the Xerox Iridesse Production Press and Xerox Versant Presses.

It accelerates the delivery of Iridesse’s signature sparkle and shine.

And it takes Versant Press automation, image quality and application flexibility to another level.

Both platforms are at the head of their class on their own, but adding advanced XLS feeding capabilities gives you the freedom to accept virtually any job – and better yet – to profit from it.

Say hello to big feeding volume plus reliability.

Where’s the profit in XLS printing? It’s all about reducing time and eliminating touches.

The Xerox High Capacity XLS Vacuum Feeder makes fast work of feeding big stacks of XLS sheets using innovative vacuum-feed technology. Quick set-up means that feeding longer stocks is now drop-and-go simple.

And with greater reliability and fewer jams due to misfeeds that can happen with other technologies, you’ll unlock more profit on every page, regardless of job type.

Configure the press that meets your application mix and growth strategy.

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